SSCF-South Supported Services

SSCF-South is the technology group currently supporting Communications, CogSci, Linguistics, and Psychology and provides an array of IT related services. These currently include:

Tech Support

We provide staff, faculty, grads, and lab staff with general technical support. To submit a help request, send inquiries to

Website Support

We also provide department personnel with website support. We can set up a website for you, but you will be responsible for designing, populating, and maintaining it.

Servers and Networking

SSCF-South maintains the server room for the department. We host department-wide web, file, and backup servers. The university offers the ability to connect to our network resources via VPN and remote access.

If you need to use an ethernet jack in your lab or office, if it is not active then you will need to provide an index number to activate it. ACT-Telecom charges about $50 per port activation. You will also need an assigned IP address via DHCP to use the ethernet jacks, so let us know and we will assign you a free IP address.


The department provides grads with a graduate computer lab. It also provides staff, faculty, and graduate students with hardware and software to be checked out. In addition, there are a number of networked printers that are accessible to department personnel.

The following site-licensed software is available to staff, faculty, undergraduates, and graduates, free of charge:

  • Microsoft Office (2010, 2013 for Windows, 2011 for Mac)
  • Microsoft Dreamspark (Visio, Visual Studio, Project, etc)
  • Adobe Acrobat DC
  • Matlab
  • E-Prime 2.0
  • JMP
  • Mathematica for Students (Undergrads/grads only, faculty/staff must purchase licenses through campus)
  • Wolfram|Alpha Pro
  • Qualtrics

For download and installation instructions, please contact for details.