Grants Management

In the department of Psychology at UCSD, Principal Investigators (PIs) are responsible for the programmatic management of the contract or grant. They have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure expenditures and activities under their award meet the project goals and objectives without significantly deviating from the work plan submitted in the proposal.

Expenditures include the purchase of supplies, equipment, travel, personnel salary and benefits. All expenditures must be reasonable and necessary, allocable and consistent with UCSD policy.

Activities include all sponsored research performed, manuscripts written, progress report preparation, lab meetings, scientific conferences. Note any time devoted to instruction, university commitments, proposal development, clinical service or administrative duties cannot be charged to your award.

Fund Manager Notification and Agency Prior Approval Guidelines

1. Rebudgeting. PIs should discuss a deviation from their proposed budget with their designated fund manager.

2. Personnel/Effort Changes. PIs should discuss changes in effort of key personnel with their designated fund manager.

3. Scope Changes. PIs are expected to get prior approval and inform their program officer and grants manager of any changes that may affect the scope of the research. This includes an absence/change of the Principal Investigator, change of grantee institution, a change in the objective or emphasis of the study, applying a new technology, applying a new methodology, transferring substantive programmatic work to a third party, change of key personnel or a change in the approved use of animals or human subjects. Please forward all correspondence related to changes in scope to your designated fund manager.