Travel Reimbursement - FAQ

What expenses can I claim for a local conference?

A UCSD employee attending a conference in the San Diego area is NOT on travel status.

The employee:

  • May request reimbursement for conference registration fees, mileage, and parking costs (retain receipts)
  • May NOT claim subsistence expenses, such as lodging, meals, and incidental expenses.

How do I pay for pre-conference expenses such as registration and hotel deposit?

If you have to pre-register for a conference or hotel stay more than 21 days in advance of your travel, you have a few options for payment.

  1. You can pay on a personal card (you will not be reimbursed until after the trip)
  2. You can request UCSD submit a check on your behalf. Please notify your fund manager 1 month before the check is due.
  3. You can put the registration or hotel deposit on your travel card. Please notify your fund manager if you do this so late fees are not incurred.

Can I rent a house for a group of travelers?

Please notify your fund manager of your intention to rent a home for business purposes at least 1 month prior to the deposit deadline. Often, we must coordinate with the owner to provide an I-9 for tax purposes before UCSD will issue payment directly to the vendor or to you for reimbursement purposes.