Travel Reimbursement

Frequently Asked Questions


Travel should be preauthorized by creating an event number.  An event number allows you to book airfare through Connexxus, UC's travel program and charge the expense directly to your fund source rather than pay out of pocket.  Other expenses such as hotel and registration can also be pre-paid via the event number rather than using a personal credit card.  

Faculty can create their own event number by completing "Going on a Trip" in MyTravel (step-by-step instructions)

Grads/Staff, please see your fund manager to set up an event number after obtaining fund source approval from your supervisor or PI.  If applicable, Grads should include the Student Certification for Business Form (check in with your fund manager if you are unsure).


All grads, faculty and staff can complete their own travel reconciliation via MyTravel or fill out Psychology's Travel reimbursement form.  Under either scenario receipts must be submitted to your fund manager before the payment will be authorized.    

These expenses currently require original receipts for reimbursement, whether you are claiming expenses via MyTravel or a paper Travel reimbursement form.

  • Any dollar amount:
    • Airfare (for electronic tickets, an itinerary is acceptable)
    • Lodging* (itemized)
    • Miscellaneous items
    • Registration fees
    • Rental car

      * Receipts are required for lodging unless travel is outside the continental United States, or lasts 30 days or more, in which case per diem applies.

  • Single expense of $75 or more:
    • Ground transportation
    • Any expense not listed above
  • Packages including airfare and other travel expenses: For reimbursement eligibility, the receipt or itinerary must specify cost for each item. Before purchasing a package, via the Web or otherwise, make sure you will be able to obtain the required documentation. If the receipt or itinerary does not show cost for each component, get a receipt from each service provider such as the airline, hotel, and/or rental car agency.

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