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Adding Courses

Adding a Course Without Listed Prerequisites

  • If you are a 1st year freshman (0-44.9 completed units and/or in your two quarters of your Freshman year at UCSD):
    • The department cannot clear you to enroll in ANY upper-division psychology courses.
    • You should be enrolling in lower-division major requirements, college requirements, and university electives.
  • If you are a sophomore (45-89.9 completed units and in your second year at UCSD):
    • If you are not in good academic standing, the department will not clear you for Core or Elective courses.
    • If you are in good academic standing the department can clear you for 1-2 psychology Core courses (PSYC 100-108).
    • You must be in your third quarter at UCSD during the quarter in which you are taking the requested course, with at least 3 lower division courses completed for the major, and in good Academic Standing (your GPA will be evaluated).
    • Please use the new EASy System to request authorization.
  • Upper-division students wishing to add a class without a prerequisite course or lower-division students in good academic standing who have already completed Core-level coursework:
    • You must e-mail the instructor and upload the correspondence from the instructor into the EASy System.
    • If the instructor is not listed yet for the class, you will need to wait until the instructor is available.

Adding a Course that Requires Approval

Some of our courses require special approval from either the department or instructor in order to enroll. To identify special approval courses, look for a "D" next to the course number on TritonLink. Generally speaking, you should send the department a message through the EASy System in order to obtain enrollment authorization. 

The following courses will always require instructor approval:

  • Students interested in PSYC 111A/B who are not part of the Honors Program will need to e-mail the instructor and cc on the first day of classes detailing their Statistics background and reason for wanting to take the class. No students who are not accepted to the Honors Program will be authorized to add PSYC 111A/B until the first week of classes at the earliest.
  • Students interested in taking PSYC 116A-C will need to obtain clearance from the instructor. This can only happen after an interview, and there is a yearly application cycle for PSYC 116 A/B/C.  Applications will be due on April 21, 2020 for the 2020-21 cohort. For more information about PSYC 116A-C, please visit the PSYC 116 official site.
  • Students interested in PSYC 117 will need to obtain clearance from the instructor. Find out more information about PSYC 117. It is common for students not to get authorized for this class until the first week of classes.
  • Students interested in taking Special Studies courses (PSYC 196A-B-C, PSYC 199, PSYC 195, or AIP 197) should check the appropriate pages on our website before enrolling, and/or discuss their plans with the Advising Office first.
  • All students will need to obtain approval to take PSYC 193/PSYC 193L Special Topics classes, using the EASy system.

Adding a Course from the Waitlist

During enrollment’s second pass, students may begin to add themselves to waitlists for full courses. Waitlists are automatically managed by the Registrar's office, and the department does not have the ability to override the list for any reason. Students who drop or are administratively dropped from full classes must add themselves to the end of the waitlist.

Waitlists refresh overnight until Thursday of second week of the quarter. During this time, students will be automatically added to classes if space becomes available. If adding a student to a class would increase the students number of units to 22 or more, the automatic waitlist will bypass the student. Waitlisted courses do not count toward the minimum number of enrolled units for Financial Aid purposes. You may only waitlist for a single section of any course at one time.

If you are on the waitlist for a course, you should attend the course as though you have been added. This is so that when and if space opens up, you will not have missed course material. Students who are added to a course late will be responsible for catching up on the course material on their own; instructors are under no obligation to help you learn what you have missed. If you require Canvas access, let the instructor know to ask ACMS to give you "audit" access (this may need to be renewed during the third week).

After the waitlist has stopped running automatically, students may be added to the class as space becomes available on a first come, first served basis using the Late Add request in the EASy system. TritonLink will not continue to update after Thursday night of second week, so the class/wait lists may be inaccurate. You can call the Psychology Advising office, send us a VAC message, or stop by during Advising hours to check on the status of your class. Be advised that we cannot hold seats for students.

If you are still on the waitlist during the second week of the quarter, you should plan on adding the class late, if a space becomes available. You will need to use the EASy system to do this (as a Late Add); please talk with the instructor about whether you have missed too much work. If a seat becomes available, we will approve for enrollment students who request Late Adds on a first come-first served basis.  For more information about adding classes after the normal add deadline, please see TritonLink.