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The UC San Diego Department of Psychology emphasizes research in the experimental and theoretical analysis of human and animal behavior, and the study of the mind. Students who major in psychology can expect to develop knowledge in a broad range of content areas, as well as basic skills in experimental and analytic procedures. We offer courses in all major areas of experimental psychology, with areas of specialization in Clinical Psychology, Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Psychology of Human Health, Sensation and Perception, and Social Psychology. Once a student has decided upon a major in psychology, he or she is highly encouraged to consult with the Psychology Student Affairs Office to ensure full understanding of the major requirements.

Degrees offered include:

Students majoring in psychology must have departmental approval for electives taken outside the department. We recommend consulting the psychology department before enrolling in courses offered by other departments. It is recommended that students in all BS tracks seek additional advising from faculty and advising staff to determine whether additional coursework in mathematics, programming, physical or biological sciences, philosophy, or in any other discipline may be valuable, given students’ specific academic or professional goals after graduation.

For a brief introduction to each major, and information about who might benefit from each emphasis, please see our Psychology Majors Effective Fall 2015 Overview sheet.

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Psychology Majors Effective Fall 2015 Overview

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