Undergraduate Majors Prior to Fall 2015

The Psychology Department changed our major titles and requirements to better fit the needs of students. Effective Fall 2015, we have new Psychology majors available to students. Any student entering UC San Diego during or after Fall 2015 will follow the new major requirements. Students graduating in or before Summer 2015 will follow the major requirements below. Students who entered UC San Diego prior to Fall 2015 and plan to graduate in Fall 2015 or later will be able to choose between the major tracks.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

The department offers two degree programs: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) We offer courses in all major areas of experimental psychology, with emphasis in the areas of behavior analysis, biopsychology, clinical psychology, cognitive and cognitive neuropsychology, developmental psychology, human information processing, physiological psychology, psychopathology, sensation and perception, and social psychology. The department emphasizes research in the experimental and theoretical analysis of human and animal behavior, and the study of the mind. Students who major in psychology can expect to develop a knowledge of a broad range of content areas, as well as basic skills in experimental and analytic procedures.

Undergraduate Program - B.A. versus B.S.

The Psychology Department offers two undergraduate programs: a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. The B.S. program is more structured than the B.A. Program, and has a slightly higher course load with an emphasis on laboratory courses and field specific courses. Both degrees provide a good educational basis for higher education as well as employment outside the academic setting. The idea of the B.S. was born because of the department’s research focus and the feeling by students that a B.S. degree represents this focus better in the ‘real’ world. When applying to graduate programs, course-work is generally of more interest than the type of degree. Yet, no matter which degree you eventually have, both the B.A. and B.S. provide a solid foundation.

Learning Goals/Inventory of Educational Effectiveness Indicators

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B.A. Four Year [PDF]

B.S. 4 year plan [PDF]

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