New Psychology Majors, effective Fall 2018

Frequently Asked Questions 

Please review the information on this page for answers to your questions.

Am I eligible to switch into the new majors?

Students who graduate in either Spring 2018 or Summer 2018 are not eligible to switch into the new majors as this majors do not become active until FA18.
Current students who were registered at UCSD prior to Fall 2018 who have not yet graduated are eligible to, but are not required to, switch into the new majors so long as they enroll in and pass at course at UC San Diego during Fall 2018 or thereafter. 
Students who enroll at UCSD in Fall 2018 or thereafter will automatically be entered into the new requirements.


How do I switch into one of the new psychology majors?

In order to change your major, after you register for at least one class for Fall, send the Psychology Advising Office a VAC message requesting to have your catalog year updated to 2018. 

Can I pick requirements from both the current and new majors?

Students have the option of choosing either the catalog year from their first enrollment at UC San Diego, or the new 2018-19 major requirements.  Whichever set is chosen needs to be completed in full.  By default students will remain bound to the requirements from initial year of UCSD enrollment, unless they opt into the updated majors in which case they will need to fulfill the 2018-19 major requirements. 

Can I apply PSYC 2, COGS 17 or BILD 12 towards the Natural Science requirement?

Yes!  You may apply a maximum of one of PSYC 2, COGS 17, or BILD 12 towards the Natural Science requirement in the psychology majors, effective Fall 2018.  

What if I already took CSE 3?

CSE 3 no longer satisfies the programming requirement for our B.S. majors in Psychology, including those with specialization, effective Fall 2018.

Both students and faculty provided feedback that CSE 3 did not prepare them well for programming use in research. Therefore, the courses now require should better prepare students for future course work and research experience.

What if I already took MATH 10C?

PSYC 70: Research Methods in Psychology is now a required Formal Skills course for all Psychology majors, as it is the foundation of psychological research and will prepare students for their research experience.  As such, MATH 10C can no longer be applied towards the Psychology majors requirements, effective Fall 2018.

How were current students notified of this information?

Current psychology major students were sent an email on Tuesday, May 8, 2018 from titled: "Updated Psychology Major Requirements as of Fall 2018." If you are a current student, please review the information in this email to learn how and if these major changes will impact you.