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Transfer Students

Virtual Triton Day (May 9, 2020)

  • 10:15 am - Introduction to Psychology Research at UC San Diego
    • Dr. Tim Brady, Psychology Assistant Professor
  • 11:00 am - Steps to Success as a Psychology Student at UC San Diego
    • the Psychology Advising Team

Triton Talks (May 12, 2020)

  • Welcome to the Psychology Department!
    • the Psychology Advising Team


Frequently Asked Questions

For more Frequently asked Questions, go to Answer My Questions!

Will I need to take Lower Division classes for the major?

You may need to take Lower Division classes for your major, even if you’re IGETC certified. All Psychology majors are required to take two to three courses in Natural Science, two to four courses in Formal Skills (depending on major choice), one Programming course, and one Statistics course. Business Psychology majors are required to take two additional Lower Division Business Fundamentals courses. If you have not completed all of these courses at your Community College, you will need to finish them during your time at UC San Diego.

How does IGETC affect my major requirements?

IGETC certification specifically exempts you from some or all of your Lower Division General Education college and University requirements. It does not have any effect on your Psychology major requirements. If you have completed IGETC but have not finished all of your Lower Division Psychology major requirements, you will still need to do so in order to graduate with a degree in Psychology from UC San Diego.

I'm not sure that the major I chose is the right one for me. Can I switch it?

Yes; you can change your major, even as a new transfer student.  We encourage you to take our Buzzfeed-style Major Match Quiz to explore your options.

Can I apply to the Honors Program as a brand new transfer student?

Yes! We recommend a minimum 3.5 transfer GPA and a grade of B or better in a Statistics class (taken at UCSD or a Community College), but anyone can apply. You will need to apply during November, but your application will not be reviewed until after Fall quarter grades are released. There will be an Honors Information Session during early Fall and more information and the application will be available in late October on the Psychology Department website.

Will I be able to graduate in two years?

Yes, we are confident that you can graduate on time.  We even give additional support to transfer students in the Virtual Advising Center during the summer and offer individual academic planning appointments to incoming transfers as part of our Orientation program, to ensure that you can properly plan ahead.