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Top discoveries in modern psychology are found at UC San Diego. Support our future.

Used with permission under CC-BY_NY license, attributed to: Fir0002/Flagstaffotos

UC San Diego is home to cutting-edge experimental psychologists working on some of the most important topics of our time: cognition, psychological disorders, emotions, language, memory,  and perception. Our research teams are forward-looking and collaborative, working to address issues that affect everyday life.

At the same time, we are training the next generation of scientists and mental health and business professionals. With psychology-related occupations expected to grow by 14% by 2026, our field will have even greater importance in the future.

The UC San Diego Psychology educational experience is unlike any other in the nation, as we create new courses including clinical laboratory research, business psychology, and research practica.


Your gift nurtures our current and future innovators in several important ways

  • Enhancing the Student Experience. By supporting scholarships and fellowships, you help nurture the next generation of social scientists. Students from all backgrounds, experiences, and aspirations advance fresh ideas and fuel research and discovery, collectively making lives better for everyone, everywhere.
  • Enriching Professional Development. Join us in supporting the next generation of student professionals by supporting new classes and professional development opportunities.
  • Research Breakthroughs. Psychology faculty are dedicated to compelling research that will change our world.  Support our faculty to explore the frontiers of psychological experience.

Norman H. Anderson Student Research and Travel Fund (1046)

Funds from this endowment are awarded to graduate students, subsidizing their research and travel for scientific conference presentations. In addition to graduate support, this endowment supports undergraduate travel awards and the Norman Henry Anderson Undergraduate Honors Thesis Awards.

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For more information about Norman Anderson's impact on the department, see here

William J. McGill Graduate Fellowship Fund (1643)

Funds from this endowment are awarded to incoming graduate students to help cover research-related costs during their first few years as a graduate student researcher. 

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Norman Henry Anderson Fellowship Fund (2364)

Funds from this endowment are awarded to top incoming psychology graduate students who show outstanding talent. Additionally, one award per year is given to a current graduate student who demonstrated excellence in research and academic achievement.   

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Psychology Department Unrestricted (4174)

Funds from this endowment are used at the department's discretion to help enrich the department's mission. 

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Ways to give

  • Online: To make your contribution online via a credit card using the UC San Diego secure giving website, click on a fund link above
  • By Phone: If you would like to contact someone in person to make your gift, please call (858) 246-0372
  • By Mail: To mail in your gift check, make your check payable to the "UC San Diego Foundation," write the gift fund name and number in the memo line, and mail it with your payment to:
UCSD Gift Processing
9500 Gilman Drive #0940
La Jolla, Ca 92093-0940

 Photo: CC-BY-NC license, attributed to: Fir0002/Flagstaffotos