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Current PhD Students

Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology


The Ph.D. program is designed to provide students with the requisite background and skills to conduct experimental psychology research. In accordance with this goal, the graduate program requirements aim to develop a breadth of psychology knowledge and the ability to conduct independent research and present findings in a manner suitable for publication. In addition, graduate students will gain valuable teaching experience as teaching assistants (TAs) in the Department.

In the first year, each student completes two quarters of statistics, at least three of four proseminar courses, and a year-long research project. By the middle of the fourth year, the student should complete the requirements to advance to Ph.D. candidacy. Advancement to candidacy requires the completion of a qualifying paper and an oral proposal of the dissertation; Psychology also requires the successful completion of four seminar courses. Students typically take at least four years to complete all requirements for the Ph.D. and are not permitted to remain beyond eight years.

Throughout the graduate career, the student will be expected to TA. In the first year, students are required to TA one course. In the second through fourth years, graduate students typically TA two courses per academic year. In the fifth year, graduate students typically TA three courses during the academic year. All of these requirements are discussed in detail in the Program Requirements. After their fifth year, students are not considered funded by the department, but may continue to serve as TAs, should these positions be available and should they be within the 18-quarter instructional limit set by the University of California Office of the President (UCOP).