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The Psychology Major

The study of Psychology examines such issues as how the brain works, how society functions, how children learn, and how mental states influence the physical functions of our bodies. Many of today’s problems, including heart disease, pollution, and violence, are consequences of human behavior. Psychology offers students the tools to recognize, understand, and change these problems, as well as our attitudes toward them.

Our program reflects the diversity of the discipline as well as the interests of faculty and students. With courses ranging from neuropsychology to lifespan development, individuals and groups, and adaptive and maladaptive behavior, we provide a strong foundation for graduate and professional studies such as education, counseling, social work, clinical practice, business, and law. We encourage students to participate actively in faculty research, earn credit through internships, gain a global perspective through education abroad, and lay the foundation for future graduate study through participation in our departmental honors program.

Approximately 1,700 students per year major in Psychology at UC San Diego, and approximately 16,500 students take our courses during each academic year. With a B.A. or B.S. in Psychology, students can pursue graduate studies in psychology and its related fields, or they may start a career requiring a good understanding of people, such as advertising, industrial or human relations, social work, or teaching. Psychology-related careers include research, psychotherapy, marriage and family therapy, and psychiatry.

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