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Adjunct Faculty

  • Thomas Albright

    Thomas Albright

    Adjunct Professor
    (858) 453-4100

    Brain functions underlying high-level visual information processing.

  • Michael Arbib

    Michael Arbib

    Adjunct Professor
    (858) 453-4100

    Developing a computational comparative neuroprimatology to probe the sources of the human brain's capacity for language; exploring linkages between neuroscience and the architecture of the built environment.

  • Ursula Bellugi

    Ursula Bellugi

    Adjunct Professor
    (858) 453-4100

    Language, modality, and the brain. Williams Syndrome: Linking cognition, brain and gene.

  • Karen Emmorey

    Karen Emmorey

    Adjunct Professor
    (619) 594-8080

    Psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics.

  • Tamar Gollan

    Tamar Gollan

    Adjunct Professor
    (858) 246-1263

    Bilingualism, Aging, Alzheimer’s disease, and their joint consequences for language production and cognitive processing.

  • George Koob

    George Koob

    Adjunct Professor
    (858) 784-7062

    Psychopharmacology and physiological psychology.

  • Viola Störmer

    Viola Störmer

    Assistant Adjunct Professor

    Multisensory Integration, Perception and Attention.