Chief Administative Officer

  • Peter Hinkley

    Peter Hinkley

    (858) 534-2947
    5235 McGill Hall

    Oversee all Adminstration

Business Affairs

  • Tiffany Swiderski

    Tiffany Swiderski

    Business Operations Manager
    (858) 534-0289
    5217 McGill Hall

    Oversee all Fiscal & Event Services

  • Hannah Van Etten

    Hannah Van Etten

    Financial Analyst / Operations & Events Coordinator 
    (858) 534-4605
    5217 McGill Hall

    Fiscal Services

    Department-hosted talk/events coordination; Department funds management, including purchasing & reimbursement

  • Briana Albertson

    Briana Albertson

    Financial Analyst / Research Administrator
    (858) 534-7134
    5211A McGill Hall

     Fiscal Services

    Contracts and Grants Administration
    Purchasing & Reimbursement, Human Subjects
    Department Funds Assistance

  • Jacqueline Corbeil

    Jacqueline Corbeil

    Academic Personnel
    (858) 534-3010
    5221 McGill Hall

    Academic Personnel

    Appointments, Recruitment, Advancement, Compensation, Benefits, and Leaves


  • To Be Determined

    To Be Determined

    Human Resources

    Human Resources

    Employment; Postdoc, Volunteer, & Visiting Scholar Appointments; Compensation, Benefits, and Leaves

Student Affairs

Computing Services

  • Danny Saba

    Danny Saba

    (858) 534-1553
    5237 McGill Hall

    Systems Administration & Tech Support

Building Maintenance

  • Krasi Genov

    Krasi Genov

    Maintenance Assistant 
    5217 McGill Hall

    Building Maintenance & Repairs