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The Psychology Department strictly enforces the requirements set forth for all Psychology Majors and Psychology Minor. Therefore, students who wish to deviate from these requirements (e.g., applying a course that is not approved for their major or minor) must request an exception by submitting the appropriate petition, along with supplemental documentation. Please see below for additional instructions.

The following petitions will now be submitted through the online portal:
  1. Course Pre-approval: Students have not taken a course or are currently enrolled in a course (with no grades yet on their Academic History) but wish for approval that it will apply toward their Psych major or minor requirements. Each course you are submitting a petition for must have its own petition submission.
  2. Course Substitution: Students have already successfully completed a course (with a grade already posted on their Academic History) and wish to use the course as a substitution for a Psych major or minor requirement. Each course you are submitting a petition for must have its own petition submission.
  3. Departmental Policy Exception: Students requesting an exception to a psychology major or minor policy. 

How to Submit a Petition Through the Online Portal

  1. Select "Department of Psychology"
  2. Select Petition Type
  3. Select Program
    • PSYC = Psychology: Major, Minor, or Other if you are not a Psych major or minor
    • CSS = Computational Social Science: Minor
  4. Course Area: Select the course area you wish to receive credit for
  5. List Outside Course: Enter transfer course information
  6. Petition Justification: Why are you making the request? What are you hoping to accomplish with the request? Be specific!
  7. Attach supporting documents: Must include a course syllabus that outlines the weekly lecture topics, grading components, required readings, or a personal statement. Add any other documents you believe will be helpful.
  8. Submit petition

Petition decisions are communicated through the Virtual Advising Center (VAC). Please allow 3-4 weeks for the processing of your petition. Failure to submit a petition with sufficient information will be returned to the student for revisions. This will delay the processing time, so please read over the instructions carefully.


The following petitions must still be submitted through the Google submission form:
  1. Academic Plan review
  2. Double Major petition
  3. SAP Appeal/Maximum Time Frame Appeal/Financial Aid
  4. Exceptions to University Policies *
  5. Late / Retroactive Drop or Withdrawal *
  6. Max Quarter Limit Appeal *
  7. Readmission form *
  8. Senior Residency *

Items noted with a * should first be discussed with your College Advisor to determine if the action is appropriate and then the best method for paperwork submission (DocuSign, Undergraduate Student Petition form, etc.).


How Long will it Take to Process My Petition?

Petitions can take up to 3-4 weeks to process, depending on the reviewing faculty, time of year, and the number of other petitions we are receiving at the time. That's why it's best to submit your petition as early as possible! This process cannot be sped up due to a pressing timeline and late submission on the student's part. Students can check the status of their petitions through the Online Petition portal. Students will be notified of a decision via the Virtual Advising Center.

How Can I Check the Status of My Petition?

Students can check the status of their petitions through the Online Petition portal. Students will be notified of a decision via the Virtual Advising Center.

Who Initiates the Petitioning Process? Doesn't My Advisor do It?

Students who wish to petition coursework towards their psychology major or minor requirements must initiate the process. Psychology Advising staff does NOT automatically review coursework or update student records. The request must come from the student.

Does Submitting a Petition Mean it will be Approved?

When students submit a petition, it is a request made to the department to have something reviewed. It is not a guarantee. Therefore, we recommend submitting petitions as early as possible and planning backup options in case petitions are not approved.

What if My Petition for a Transfer Course was Approved to Serve as a Prerequisite but I'm Still Not able to Enroll?

WebReg does not recognize prerequisite courses that are satisfied via a departmental petition approval. If your petition is approved, you must submit an EASy request to enroll in a course that requires your petitioned course as a prerequisite. You must attach your approved petition to your EASy request to show completion of the listed prerequisites for a course.

Can I use Courses from UC San Diego Extension for My Major Requirements?

Only courses numbered 1-199 from UC San Diego Extension may be petitioned for use in the Psychology majors.

UC San Diego Extension - Academic Level Information

When Should I have My Study Abroad Courses Pre-approved?

Students should submit course PRE-APPROVAL petitions before leaving for their studying abroad experience. This helps students know if their abroad courses will be able to apply to their Psychology major requirements prior to enrolling and taking the course. Failure to have an abroad course pre-approved could mean that the course is later denied use in the Psychology major.

Can I "Un-petition" an Approved Course Petition?

Students may not remove a course petition. Once a petition has been approved for a PSYC course, the petition can't be undone (PSYC credit cannot be removed).

Can I Petition to Overlap a GE or College requirement?

To determine whether or not you can overlap a course between a GE or College requirement and your major requirements, you will have to contact your College Advising team.