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Welcome New Students!

We are thrilled to welcome you to the Department of Psychology at the University of California San Diego! We pride ourselves on being one of the premier experimental psychology departments in the country. Our major curriculum is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in Psychology that will prepare you for your future career.  

As a Psychology student at UC San Diego, you'll have the opportunity to explore experiences in and outside of the classroom. Our undergraduate students hold leadership positions in our Psychology Student Organizations, study on five continents, present their research at scholarly conferences, gain transferable skills and experience, network with alumni, serve the community, get accepted into top graduate programs, and begin successful careers.

We have pages for both First Years and Transfers to try to help answer most of your questions. 

If you have any questions, you can e-mail us at!

Fall 2022 Admits

Please join us for Virtual Triton Day! Virtual Triton Day is an opportunity to learn more about being a student in our department and you will get the chance to meet our Psychology Undergraduate Advising team.  

Explore our Psychology Majors:

King Triton welcomes students to Psychology Senior Send-Off 2017, photo by Yang Lu
King Triton welcomes students to Psychology
Senior Send-off 2017, photo by Yang Lu

In general, students looking for careers as clinical or research psychologists should choose one of our Bachelor of Science degrees; students planning non-research careers may be best suited to our Bachelor of Arts degree.

Can't Decide on a Major?

We recommend you consider your career goals, explore the major curriculum, and consider your interests. Our Psychology Advisors are also available to help you decide on a major that is best for you. 

Our majors all have similar structure and Lower Division requirements. Most of our majors are flexible enough that you can switch between them whenever you wish.  Psychology majors are not capped or impacted, so if you change your mind, you won't fall behind.