Colloquium Series

The Colloquium Series provides an opportunity to hear from researchers in the field of experimental psychology from across the country. 

Full details of speakers can be found on the Colloquium page.


Research Area Brown Bags

The Department Brown Bag meetings provide an opportunity to attend informal discussions at which to hear guest speakers, introduce research activity, review project development, share ideas, and promote collaboration. You are welcome to attend any that interest you. Contact the faculty chairperson for schedules, meeting times and dates.

Full details for each Brown Bag can be found on the Brown Bags page.


Graduate Talk Series

The Graduate Talk Series (GTS) developed out of an enthusiastic graduate student response to foster academic engagement and intellectual community among the graduate students and between the graduate students and faculty. To that end, we have put together a forum for graduate students, run by graduate students, where we can present our research to the rest of the grad students and the larger academic community.

Full details of speakers can be found on the Graduate Talk Series page.


Special Series on The Science of Human Diversity

In the special series of invited lectures, we will explore the psychological science of human diversity, spanning questions including the nature of human diversity, attitudes toward it, reasons for lack of diversity in the workplace, and how diversity affects creativity and the scientific process. Over three academic years (Fall 2016 to Spring 2019) the series will feature nine talks from world famous experts on diversity science, who approach the question from the perspective of social psychology, organizational behavior, child development, and human decision making. This series will investigate case studies including gender, sexual orientation, political ideology, race, and religion, and how we can study the nature and impact of diversity in each case from a scientific perspective.

Full details of speakers can be found on the Diversity Speaker Series page.


Norman H. Anderson Distinguished Lecture Series 

The Norman H. Anderson Distinguished Lecture Series is an annual event that provides an opportunity to hear from internationally-renowned researchers in psychology.

Full details of speakers can be found on the Anderson Distinguished Lecture Series page.