We study reasoning, thinking, language use, judgment and decision-making in adults and children.

  • Timothy Brady

    Timothy Brady

    Visual cognition, working memory, long-term memory.
  • Judith Fan

    Judith Fan

    Cognitive science, computational neuroscience, and AI.
  • Victor Ferreira

    Victor Ferreira

    Psycholinguistics and language production, computational modelling.
  • Emma Geller

    Emma Geller

    Science of learning and instruction.
  • Craig McKenzie

    Craig McKenzie

    Judgment, decision-making, and reasoning.
  • Hal Pashler

    Hal Pashler

    Cognition, visual perception, selective and divided attention.
  • Timothy Rickard

    Timothy Rickard

    Human learning and knowledge representation from the perspective of cognitive neuroscience.
  • Viola Störmer

    Viola Störmer

    Multisensory Integration, Perception and Attention.
  • Ed Vul

    Ed Vul

    Experimental Psychology
  • Piotr Winkielman

    Piotr Winkielman

    Social cognition, emotion-cognition interactions, embodiment, (un)awareness.
  • John Wixted

    John Wixted

    Human memory, animal cognition, psychopathology.