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Academic Personnel

Leaves of Absence / Sabbaticals

PPM 230-10-Leave Policy for Academics
APM 740-Leaves of Absence/Sabbatical Leaves
UC Family Friendly Policies for Faculty

Faculty on academic-year appointments are expected to be in residence from the beginning of the Fall term through the end of the Spring term. Academic year appointees do not accrue vacation but may take vacations during the summer months.

Types of leave and approval authority are detailed in Academic Personnel Manual Section 740, and the Policy and Procedure Manual, section 230-10 (see URLs above) and are summarized below. Note that, during a period of unpaid leave, the faculty member is responsible for continuing enrollment in health care and certain other welfare plans. Check with the Department Benefits representative for details.

Absences up to 10 service days during the academic year

You must obtain absence approval from the Department Chair if you are going to miss a class or will be absent for even one day during the academic year. Furthermore, university insurance will only cover employees on pre-approved leave.

Illness/Personal Emergency

Faculty/instructors do not accrue sick leave. In the event of illness or personal emergency, notify the Chair.

Leaves during Final Exam Week

  • Faculty and visiting faculty are expected to be present and available during final exam week.
  • If absence cannot be avoided, the department chair may designate another faculty member to administer the exam.
  • The original instructor is responsible for assignment of final grades.
  • The Committee on Educational Procedures at the Academic Senate (CEP) must approve a faculty member's absence ahead of time (only possible if discussed with the Chair ahead of time).
  • Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs will NOT approve leaves of absence during final examination week that have not been approved by CEP.

Leaves over 10 service days during the academic year

Academic Leave of Absence Form (ALAS)

This form is required for sabbatical and any other leave request of over 10 service days during the academic year.The ALAS must be approved prior to leave. The Department requests that the ALAS form be submitted at least four weeks prior to effective date of leave (meaning payroll start date vs service date in the case of a sabbatical leave) to allow for routing and approval by the Dean and the SVCAA.

Please complete and return the ALAS form (along with a detailed sabbatical leave plan if sabbatical) to department staff.

Family and Medical Leaves

UCSD have a variety of programs and policies to accomodate family leaves, for example childbearing leave. For more information, review the UCSD Family Accomodations brochure and speak with one of the HR representatives.

Sabbatical Leaves

UCSD Academic Leave Policy

A sabbatical leave is a privilege accorded to qualified faculty to enable them to engage in intensive programs of research and/or study, thus to become more effective teachers and scholars and to enhance their service to the University.

Sabbatical Credit Accrual

Sabbatical credits are accrued at the rate of one credit for each full quarter of service at 50% time or more. Academic-year appointees can earn up to three credits in one year. Credits are not accrued during sabbatical leave, leave without pay and leave with pay for more than one quarter.

Effective Fall 2014, there is no longer an accrual maximum. Additionally, deans will have authority to approve the borrowing of up to one year’s sabbatical credit if the faculty member is in good standing and for a compelling reason.

To find out your sabbatical credit balance,please contact departmental administrative staff.

Sabbatical Leave Credit Usage

The amount of credits necessary for different types and lengths of sabbatical leave are noted in the chart below.
Type of Leave 1 Quarter 2 Quarters 3 Quarters
Sabbatical at full salary 9 18 27
Sabbatical in Residence 6 12 18
Sabbatical at 67% salary 6 12 18
Sabbatical at 50% salary 5 9 14
Sabbatical at 33% salary 3 6 9

Sabbatical Leave Request

Sabbatical leaves must be requested at least one quarter before the proposed leave. For example requests for Fall, must be submitted by the beginning of Spring quarter. To request a sabbatical leave, download and complete the ALAS form. Return the ALAS form along with a detailed sabbatical leave plan, to department staff.

Sabbatical Leave Report

Faculty members are required to submit a detailed report of the results of the sabbatical leave, including an account of progress made and plans for completion of research and publication of the results. This report must be submitted to the department chair within 90 days of the faculty member’s return.

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