Policies for Current Graduate Students


During your first year in the program, you will be assigned a Graduate Buddy and Mentor TA.  Your Graduate Buddy will be a resource during your first academic year. They can provide you with information about San Diego, the University, and the Department. Your Mentor TA will be a resource for you during your first year teaching assitantship.


The department sponsors a colloquium series during the Fall and Spring quarters of the academic year (and in Winter quarter in years in which there is no job search). It is an opportunity for faculty and students to meet researchers from other universities and UC San Diego departments and hear presentations on their current work. The colloquium presentation and reception are scheduled on Thursdays at 4 pm in the Crick Conference Room. Attendance is mandatory for all first through fifth year graduate students. Register via TritonLink: PSYC 280, 1 unit, S/U. For more information, ask the Graduate Coordinator.

Graduate Talk Series

The graduate students in the department organize a Graduate Talk Series, which meets occasionally during the colloquium time (Thursdays at 4pm). Talks will be announced over email. Attendance at this series is encouraged, and all grads are encouraged to present once pre-advancement and once post-advancement.

Extension Vouchers

Extension Vouchers allow UC San Diego students to sign up for some classes at UC San Diego Extension free of charge. Vouchers are distributed by the Graduate Division at the beginning of each quarter on a first come, first served basis. Grads will receive an email announcement detailing the process each quarter.

Graduate Lounge

In addition to their office space, all graduate students have access to the Graduate Lounge in McGill Hall 1320. This room contains a couch, a refrigerator, a microwave and a coffee maker. The Grad Lounge is a common space for graduate students, and so is generally taken care of by graduate students.

Mandler Library

The department also has a library dedicated to the use of graduate students and faculty in Mandler Hall 2523. A wide selection of professional psychology journals are available for use in the Mandler Library. Rules are as follows:

No food allowed in the library.
Materials are not to be removed from Mandler Library except for photocopying.

This library is made possible by the generosity of George Mandler, an emeritus founding faculty member (in Memoriam) in the Department of Psychology. While students are permitted to use the library for research, students should not use the library as a meeting room. Because this is a departmental resource shared by everyone, please show appropriate respect by returning journals when you are done using them, and generally doing your part to keep the library clean and organized.

Office Assignments

Over the summer each year, the Graduate Coordinator will send out a query for office assignment requests. You will be notified by the Graduate Coordinator of your shared office assignment before the beginning of each academic year.

Remark Grading Machines

A scanner and computer with Remark grading software is available in the department to score multiple choice exams. These are housed in the Graduate Lounge and are intended only for the use of graduate students and faculty. Because of the sensitive nature of the material stored on this computer, this room is not to be entered by anyone other than graduate students and faculty.

See the grading page for details. For any questions, contact the Senior TA.

Photo ID

All students must obtain a UC San Diego student ID card with their photo on it (called a “Triton Card”) in order to make use of campus services such as the library, campus recreation facilities, obtain a free bus pass, and make photocopies.

These can be obtained through the Student Business Services.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is prohibited by University policy and by law. Information about sexual harassment is available from the Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination.

On the subject of consensual relations, UC San Diego’s Policy on Sexual harassment states that, “there is an inherent conflict of interest for an individual to exercise direct instructional, and/or advising responsibilities for someone with whom there exists a romantic or sexual relationship” and requires effective measures to ensure unbiased evaluation. For more information, please visit the website.

Smoking Policy

Campus policy prohibits smoking in all UC San Diego buildings, including private offices, classrooms, restrooms, stairwells, and cafeterias. As of January 2014, the totality of the UC San Diego campus and campus-owned properties are smoke-free.