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M.A. Degree

Students admitted into the Ph.D. program can apply for an M.A. along the way. Note: This is not required to complete the Ph.D. program.

The requirements for the M.A. degree in Psychology are:

  1. Completion of the department's first year requirements (including 4 proseminars).
  2. Completion of the general University requirements for the M.A. degree (Plan II).
    • "Plan II-Comprehensive Examination. Credits must be distributed as follows: At least 14 units in graduate courses in the major field, 10 additional units in graduate courses, and 12 units in graduate or upper-division courses. No credit will be allowed for 299 research courses. Obtain appropriate signatures."

Students can file for the M.A. degree during the first two weeks of the quarter in which they will complete the requirements, or at the beginning of any quarter following completion of the requirements. Contact the Graduate Coordinator for all pertinent forms for the M.A. degree.

Students who have already received an M.A. degree in a related field from another university are not likely eligible to receive an M.A. from UCSD. Please see the Graduate Coordinator with any questions.