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Bria Long

Assistant Professor - Incoming effective 7/1/24

When we open our eyes, we don’t see “a blooming, buzzing confusion:” we see tables, chairs, computers, books, and cups. My research aims to understand the nature and development of these visual concepts, asking: How do we learn to connect what we see with what we know? How do we form new visual concepts and how do they change across development? My work takes an interdisciplinary and ecological approach to these questions, focusing on understanding how visual concept learning occurs in everyday contexts. To do so, the lab will primarily focus on behavioral studies with infants and children and leverage computational models as both tools for analyzing large, naturalistic datasets as well as testbeds for modeling early learning.

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  • Long, B., Wang, Y., Christie, S., Frank, M. C., & Fan, J.E. (in press). Developmental changes in drawing production under different memory demands in a U.S. and Chinese sample. Developmental Psychology. [pdf] [repository]
  • Long, B., Simson, J., Buxó-Lugo, A., Watson, D. G., & Mehr, S. A. (2023). How games can make behavioural science better. Nature, 613, 433-436. [pdf]
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  • Long, B., Moher, M., Carey, S., & Konkle, T. (2019). Real-world size is automatically encoded in preschoolers’ object representations. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 45(7), 863. [pdf] [repository]
  • Long, B., Yu., C.P., & Konkle, T. (2018). Mid-level visual features explain the high-level categorical organization of the ventral stream. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 115(38), E9015-E9024. [pdf] [repository]