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Donald Macleod

Emeritus Professor

Dr. MacLeod's research interests are in how we see: color vision, visual sensitivity, visual localization, and motion perception. Experimental data on visual phenomena and visual performance with human subjects viewing controlled stimulus displays are interpreted in terms of known or hypothetical neural mechanisms in retina or brain.

  • Nagai, T., Beer, R. D., Krizay, E. A., & Macleod, D. I. (2011). Spatiotemporal averaging of perceived brightness along an apparent motion trajectory. J Vis, 11(7). doi: 10.1167/11.7.5
  • MacLeod, D. I. (2010). Into the Neural Maze. In: Color Ontology and Color Science. J. Cohen and M. Matthen, eds. Cambridge, Mass, MIT Press.
  • Fine I, Wade A.R., Brewer A.A., May M.G., Goodman D.F., Boynton G.M., Wandell B.A., & MacLeod, D.I. (2003). Long-term deprivation affects visual perception and cortex. Nature Neurosci. 6, 915-6.
  • He, S. & MacLeod D. I A. (2001). Orientation-selective adaptation and tilt after-effect from invisible patterns. Nature 411, 473-6.
  • MacLeod, D.I.A.  (1978).  Visual sensitivity.  Annual Rev. Psychol., 29, 613-645

Updated Oct 2012