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Karen Dobkins


Although for many years, research in my lab had focused on brain development in children, in 2015, I revamped my lab to be the Human Experience and Awareness Lab (HeaLab), which studies the "human condition", i.e., when/why/how humans flourish vs. flounder.  This applied work -- which uses rigorous methods and analyses, is critical in an era when depression, loneliness and anxiety run rampant.  Current topics of exploration in the HeaLab include:

  • How Meditation and “Being Present” benefits Well-Being
  • How Talking Outloud improves Learning Academic Material and Spatial Memory
  • How Trusting One’s Body buffers against Loneliness
  • How Connection to Nature affects Engaging in Pro-Environmental Behaviors
  • Interventions to reduce Body/Sexual Shame
  • Dehumanization and Mistreatment of Others
  • Mate Preferences
  • Cultural Difference in Love Life Preferences   

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Holden, S., Ho, T., Dickenson, J., & Dobkins, K.D. (2022). Exploring Ingroup and Outgroup Members’ Perceptions of Racially-Motivated Mistreatments Against Asians in the United States. Poster presented at the International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology Conference. Online, July 2022.

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