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Victor Ferreira


Dr. Ferreira's research focuses on language production and communication. Specific research questions center on how speakers form sentences, how speakers retrieve and produce individual words, and how the knowledge that speakers and listeners have of one another affects language production behavior.
  • Kleinman, D., Runnqvist, E., & Ferreira, V. S.  (2015).  Single-word predictions of upcoming language during comprehension: Evidence from the cumulative semantic interference task.  Cognitive Psychology, 79, 68-101.
  • Hall, M. L., Mayberry, R. I., & Ferreira, V. S.  (2013).  Cognitive Constraints on Constituent Order: Evidence from elicited pantomime.  Cognition, 129, 1-17.
  • Ferreira, V. S., Bock, K., Wilson, M., & Cohen, N. J.  (2008).  Memory for syntax despite amnesia.  Psychological Science, 19, 940-946. 
  • Ferreira, V. S. & Dell, G. S.  (2000).  The effect of ambiguity and lexical availability on syntactic and lexical production.  Cognitive Psychology, 40, 296-340.
  • Ferreira, V. S.  (1996).  Is it better to give than to donate?  Syntactic flexibility in language production.  Journal of Memory and Language, 35, 724-755.

Updated Mar 2018