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Graduate School Advising

What Types of Graduate Programs in Psychology are Available to Me?

Psychologists can earn one of five types of graduate degrees: Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MS), Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Doctor of Education (EdD), or Doctorate of Psychology (PsyD). Students may also choose to study Psychiatry and earn a Doctor of Medicine (MD).

For career planning assistance, including paths to graduate school, please consider making an advising appointment with a Professional and Graduate School Advisor at the Career Center.  You may also wish to visit the Graduate School and Career Resources section of our website for more in-depth information

How to Apply to Graduate School

For a multi-step guide to the process of applying for graduate school, please visit the Graduate School and Career Resources section of our website.  There we discuss the process of searching for programs of interest, walk you through different aspects of the application process, and so on.

Additional Resources for Graduate School Help

The UC San Diego Career Center has resources for students applying to graduate school in Education and Counseling and Mental Health Professions, along with several other related fields.

The American Psychological Association's Applying to Graduate School page includes Frequently Asked Questions, a Graduate Application Timeline, and more resources to help you make the best choices in your application for Graduate study.

Psychology Degree Guide lists programs by specialty, type, and state.

How to Become a Psychologist, on Guide to Psychology, outlines steps and includes Frequently Asked Questions.

Clinical Psych Grad School includes a list of steps to figure out whether Graduate study in Clinical Psychology is right for you. It also includes a long list of resources.

LearnPsychology has a GRE preparation page with lots of links to additional resources.