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Global Exchange and UCEAP Students

Global Exchange (GE) and UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP), also known as inbound study abroad, allows students from abroad universities the opportunity to study at UCSD for a quarter or academic year. GE and UCEAP students are part of the UC San Diego community. As such, they are expected to follow University and UC-wide policies, including the Student Conduct Code and the Policy on Integrity of Scholarship.

The procedures & policies laid out below are specific to the Psychology Department. Questions about courses in other departments should be sent directly to those campus departments.

GE and UCEAP students are officially enrolled through the UC system, have a PID that begins with an "A," access to the Virtual Advising Center (VAC), and will submit course authorization requests through the EASy System.

Unavailable PSYC Undergraduate Courses

The following Psychology Undergraduate courses are not available to GE or UCEAP students. These courses are not open to GE or UCEAP students, regardless of whether instructor approval has been granted or not.
  • PSYC research courses: PSYC 71, 81, 113, 114, 115A/B, 116, 117, 118, 140, 193L, 99/199.
  • PSYC honors courses: PSYC 110, 111A/B, PSYC 194A/B/C.
  • PSYC elective courses: PSYC 126, 131, 151, 175, 187, and certain 193s.
  • PSYC courses with 50 or fewer total seats in the course.
  • PSYC graduate courses are not available to GE or UCEAP undergraduate students.

PSYC Undergraduate Policies

GE or UCEAP enrollment is not guaranteedAlthough we do our best to accommodate GE students, PSYC courses are in high demand. It is possible that a GE student will not be approved to enroll in more than one or any PSYC courses.

GE or UCEAP enrollment approvals are contingent upon course attendance. GE students will not be approved to enroll in PSYC courses they have not been attending since the first day of classes for the quarter.

GE or UCEAP enrollment approvals will be based onspace availability, instructor approval, the order in which "add" requests were received, and a review of overall departmental course enrollment numbers.

A maximum of six PSYC courses per GE or UCEAP student will be approved per quarter. If students are offered a spot in a fifth course, they will have to drop one of the other PSYC courses they were approved to add during the quarter. However, due to the high demand for PSYC courses, students should not expect to be offered more than one-two PSYC course approvals.

How to Request PSYC & CSS Course Authorization

Some of our courses require special approval due to enforced prerequisites and/or department approval to enroll. To identify special approval courses, look for a "D" next to the course number on the Schedule of Classes. ("D" = Department Approval). If you are requesting to enroll in Upper Division (UD) courses, you will also need to upload an unofficial transcript from your home institution on your EASy request for us to be able to verify your Upper Division standing.

  • Department Approval: Students will need to obtain clearance from the department using the EASy System.

Note: Due to the limited number of seats in our Psychology courses, matriculated Psychology major students have priority to enroll in PSYC course seats. This will ensure our matriculated Psychology students have the opportunity to enroll in the courses they need to meet their major and graduation requirements. UCEAP and Global Exchange students’ EASy requests will not be considered until after the 1st pass of registration has been completed by all matriculated students.  

I'm a UCSD Extended Studies student, is this page for me?

No. If you are a Concurrent Enrollment or University & Professional Studies student through UCSD Extended Studies, please review the information on our UPS/Concurrent Enrollment webpage. CE/UPS students have a student id number that begins with a "U."


What are my chances of getting into a PSYC course? We do not know your chances of enrolling in a PSYC course. Many known and unknown factors make it difficult to make a prediction. Please follow the policies and instructions provided for the best chance of enrolling in a PSYC course.

Can I place myself on a PSYC course waitlist? Yes. GE and UCEAP students can place themselves on course waitlists. Please see our webpage for detailed information about the waitlist process.

I need to enroll in 12 units (full-time) this quarter; do I have priority to enroll in a PSYC courseNo. Priority enrollment is not available for GE and UCEAP students. Please work with your GE/UCEAP advisor and review our policies above to learn what factors course approvals are based upon.

I'm a Psychology major at my home institution; do I have priority to enroll in PSYC courses? No. Priority enrollment is not available to GE and UCEAP students. Please review our policies above to learn what factors course approvals are based upon.

The Schedule of Classes online shows available seats in a course; can I enroll? No. The Schedule of Classes provides a general overview of which courses are high in demand and the state of their waitlist. This doesn't mean there are ample seats to authorize GE/UCEAP students into the course. Please work with your GE/UCEAP advisor and review our policies above to learn what factors course approvals are based upon.

An instructor said I could join their course; can I enroll in the course? No. An instructor’s approval does not guarantee a seat in their course. Instructors do not manage enrollment in PSYC courses. All PSYC course enrollment goes through the Department.

An instructor has not responded to my request to enroll in their course; what should I do? A GE/UCEAP student is not required to obtain email approval from the course instructor. The GE/UCEAP student must seek departmental approval through the EASy System

If you still have a question? Please contact your Global Exchange or UC Education Abroad Program advisor with additional questions or clarification. 

Note: Psychology course offerings are subject to change.