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Norman Henry Anderson Honors Thesis Award Winners


June 2022:

Zihan Chen Sustained Flexibility of Circadian Rhythm Gained from Bifurcation Remains Effective
  • Thesis Advisor: Michael Gorman, Ph.D.
Natalia Pallis-Hassani Implications of Naturalistic Occlusion for Face Processing in Ensemble Perception
  • Thesis Advisor: Timothy Brady, Ph.D.
Ran Qiao The Behavioral Differences in Response to Opioids among Inbred Rat Strains
  •  Thesis Advisor: Giordano de Guglielmo, Ph.D.
Alexis Roach Examining Factors Related to Growth After Suicide Loss
  •  Thesis Advisor: Blaire Ehret, Ph.D.
Amberley Stein

Children’s Use of Causal Relevance as a Guide During Information Search

  •  Thesis Advisor: Caren Walker, Ph.D.
Jeffrey Xing

Syntactic modulation of rhythm in Australian pied butcherbird song 

  • Thesis Advisor: Timothy Gentner, Ph.D.
Haichen Yang

The Effects of Full and Abridged Subtitles on Multimedia Learning in a Foreign Language

  •  Thesis Advisor: Emma Geller, Ph.D.


June 2018:

Kaiqi Guo How Children Learn the Successor Function
  • Thesis Advisor: David Barner, Ph.D.

Issac Raymundo

Understanding Positive Empathy and the Potential Relationship Outcomes
  • Thesis Advisor: Christopher Oveis, Ph.D.

Samantha Stevens Distrust and Empathy: Implications for Public Policy and Partisan Politics
  • Thesis Advisor: Gail Heyman, Ph.D.

Yiqiao Wang The Role of Pragmatics in Explaining the Difference between One and A
  • Thesis Advisor: David Barner, Ph.D.


June 2017:

Isabel Asp Effect of Meaningful vs. Non-meaningful Stimuli on Visual Working Memory
  • Thesis Advisors: Tim Brady, Ph.D. and Viola Stromer, Ph.D.

Anna Castiglione

Memory Suppression and Frontal Executive Control: Preliminary ERSP Analysis of Theta Power Behavior during the Think/No-Think Task
  • Thesis Advisor: Adam Aron, Ph.D.

Molly Ellenberg Death- and Separation-related Impairing Grief in EOPD Youth
  • Thesis Advisor: Amy Lansing, Ph.D.

Eren Fukuda The Development of the Mental Timeline in Preschool-aged Children
  • Thesis Advisor: David Barner, Ph.D.


June 2016:

Sarah Ali Self-Affirmation Intervention to Remove Negative Effects due to Self-Objectification
  • Thesis Advisor: Heike Mahler, Ph.D.

Emily Barker

Investigating Performance Strategy and Online Processing of Uncommon Intervals in Sight Singing: An Eye Tracking Study
  • Thesis Advisors: Elizabeth Schotter, Ph.D. and Mallorie Leineger, Ph.D.

Joanna Chen The Social Consequences of Embarrassment in Social Anxiety
  • Thesis Advisors: Christine Harris, Ph.D. and Charles Taylor, Ph.D.

June 2015:

Yumeng Gu Cross Language Intrusion Errors in Chinese-English Bilinguals
  • Thesis Advisors: Keith Rayner, Ph.D., Elizabeth Schotter, Ph.D. and Tamar Gollan, Ph.D.

Yunjing Liu

Social Contact and Cross-Cultural Adjustment of Asian International Students
  • Thesis Advisors: Sidney Zisook, M.D., Kimberly Weingart, Ph.D. and Ilanit Young, Ph.D.

Deborah May Circadian Threshold for Novel Effects of Dim Light at Night
  • Thesis Advisor: Michael Gorman, Ph.D.

Reetu Sandhu Learning Gains from Being on the Hook: Experimental Analysis of Classroom Questioning Strategies
  • Thesis Advisors: Christine Harris, Ph.D. and Hal Pashler, Ph.D.

June 2014:

Danbi Ahn Why Did You Say It Like That? Structural Priming from Elicited Pantomime to Spoken English
  • Thesis Advisor: Victor Ferreira, PhD
Rae Kumnertsena Getting Angry for Someone Else: A Possible Mechanism for the Third Party Unforgiveness Effect
  • Thesis Advisors: Nicholas Christenfeld, PhD, and Hannah Tuller, PhD
Mindy Truong Do Blondes Have More Fun Than Women Who Have Blonde Hair?
  • Thesis Advisor: Christopher Bryan, PhD

June 2013:

Aimee Chabot Cognitive Biases in Borrowing Decisions: Implications for the Student Debt Crisis
  • Thesis Advisors: Christopher Bryan, PhD and Julian Parris, PhD

Chelsea Hays

Follow the Liar: The Effects of Adult Lies on Children's Honesty
  • Thesis Advisor: Leslie Carver, PhD

Jill Jergens The Development of Color Word Learning: Does Comprehension Precede Production?
  • Thesis Advisors: David Barner, PhD and Katie Wagner, PhD

Soo Lee A Component Analysis of Pivotal Response Training and Disruptive Behaviors in Children with Autism
  • Thesis Advisors: Aubyn Stahmer, PhD and Jessica Suhrheinrich, PhD

Lim Leong Rational Intransitivities
  • Thesis Advisors: Craig R. M. McKenzie, PhD and Johannes Miller-Trede, PhD

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