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UCSD Psychology Success Stories

Each of the following talented department alumni – mainly as undergraduates in their senior year prior to graduation – was accepted to one or more graduate programs in the field that they applied.  All consented to being interviewed about the process of applying, regarding timelines of the application process, identifying helpful resources, and more.  They also generously provided helpful advice and hints.  The department thanks them for taking the time to provide written and/or video recorded responses.  This information is intended to help other undergraduates intending to pursue graduate careers.

  • Psychology PhD Program (Cognitive) – interview with Qingzi (Fanny) Zheng, UCSD Psychology BS ’18, Honors Program, attending PhD Program in Cognition, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, University of Iowa
  • Psychology PsyD Program (Clinical) – interview with Alisha Patel, UCSD Psychology BS ’18 with Specialization in Clinical Psychology, attending Clinical Psychology PsyD Program, Roosevelt University
  • Masters in Public Policy Program – interview with Gala Ledezma, UCSD Psychology BS ’18 with Specialization in Social Psychology and a Minor in Public Service, attending Master of Public Policy Program, UCSD School of Global Policy and Strategy 
  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA) Program – interview with Monica Gonugunta, UCSD Psychology BS ’18 with Specialization in Social Psychology and a Minor in Business (emphasis in Organizational Behavior), attending Master of Business Administration program, Rady School of Management at UCSD
  • Masters in Human Resource Management Programinterview with Jiayu Fu, UCSD Psychology BS with Specialization in Social Psychology, and Management Science BS ’18, attending Human Resources Management program, Ohio State University's Fisher College of Business