Prospective Students FAQs

What is Experimental Psychology?

Experimental Psychology typically involves laboratory research in basic areas; most of the labs within our department do not work with clinical populations, counseling, or treatment. Here at UCSD the majority of your time is spent doing research starting from year one.

Do you have a Clinical Psychology program?

Do you have a Master's program?

No. While students in our Ph.D. program can earn their M.A. "on the way" to their PhD, there is no Master's program in our department.

What if I don't have my M.A., can I still apply to the Ph.D. program?

Yes! In fact most of our applicants only have a Bachelor's degree, since you can earn your M.A. "along the way." Our first year of the Ph.D. program is roughly equivalent to an M.A. program and after you've completed your Master's requirements, you're eligible to apply for an M.A.

What is the average time it takes your students to earn their Ph.D.?

On average our students graduate within 5-6 years, with 8 years being the maximum.

How many people typically apply and how many get in?

For Fall 2015 entry, we had 268 applicants, 17 were admitted and 9 accepted.

What is the average GPA of your admitted applicants?

The median GPA of our admitted applicants for Fall 2015 was 3.8.

What are the average GRE scores of admitted applicants?

For Fall 2015, the median verbal score was the 89th percentile and the quantitative median score was in the 83rd percentile.

Besides the TOEFL are there any additional requirements an international student should be aware of?

If you are offered admission, it is your responsibility to work with the International Center on campus in order to secure the appropriate visa type.

I am an international student but believe I should be exempt from the TOEFL. Can I be exempt?

International students whose native language is English or have studied for at least 1 uninterupted year at an English speaking university, are not required to take the TOEFL.

Can I apply to start in the Spring?

New graduate students are only admitted into the program to begin in the Fall quarter of each academic year.

How can I submit my letters of recommendations?

Letters of recommendation can be uploaded into your online application. Letters of recommendation can also be directly mailed to our department by a letter service or the applicant (be sure it is confidential); however we strongly prefer they are submitted online.

Can my application fee be waived?