Support Policy Overview - Supported Students

The department attempts to admit only those students whom it can support for five years. Students in good academic standing are fully funded (all tuition and fees covered plus $26,000 additional support per year) by the department for those five years. This includes nonresident tuition for foreign students and non-resident first year students (foreign students must advance to candidacy by the end of year 3 to receive tuition remission).  We expect that all graduate students, regardless of the source and method of payment or the amount of their support, will be full time students in residence for 9 months of the year. The full financial support package is provided based on the assumption that graduate work is a student's full-time job, to which he or she is devoting full-time effort.

Five Year Support Package (2019-2020)

The following support details apply to students who are in good academic standing and who have completed prior TAships (if any) satisfactorily.

Graduates are supported as detailed below for their first five years. Grads in their 6th – 8th years are not considered supported by the department but may be employed for example as a TA or Graduate Student Researcher. Students cannot receive support via instructional positions after 18 quarters of such support; students cannot receive any support after 8 years.

Year 1: Academic year (9 month) support package: $32,723 (includes optional summer course TA appointment)

  • Academic year base package $27,500 (this includes one course TA appointment).
  • McGill Research expense account $2,000.
  • Full tuition, fees, and health insurance covered during quarters of employment with Psychology
  • Full tuition for non-residents covered during quarters of employment with Psychology
  • Summer Session course TA appointment: $3,223 (or at least equivalent support from other source)

Year 2-5: Academic year (9 month) support package: $26,000

  • Academic year base package $26,000 (this includes nine total course TA appointments over Years 2-5).
  • Full tuition, fees, and health insurance covered during quarters of employment with Psychology
  • Anderson Travel/ Research Program typical annual award per student: $600
  • The Psychology Department encourages grads to obtain outside funding. The base support level for 1st year grads is $27,500 and for 2nd - 5th year grads is $26,000 (provided they maintain good academic standing and have a record of successful past TA performance). For 2nd-4th year grads, this support ordinarily comes in the form of 2 TAships, 1 Associate (in lieu of TA) position and a small stipend. For 5th year grads, this support ordinarily comes in the form of 3 TAships and a small stipend. Grads also have the option of taking one of their TAships in an earlier year (2-4) and postponing a quarter of Associate (in lieu of TA) employment until the 5th year. A grad who receives outside funding will receive 100% of their external award plus our $26,000 support package up to the Graduate Division maximum for the academic year. Any amount of departmental support above this maximum is not paid (including over summer). If the fellowship award specifically disallows TA effort, work, or service, the amount of department support will be correspondingly limited. Grads have the option of declining the Psychology portion of their award package, thereby releasing them of TAships if their fellowship covers fees or if they are willing to cover fees themselves. Please contact the graduate coordinator for details pertaining to specific awards.
  • Full year GSRships through faculty replace departmental TA support; the department will still supplement up to $26,000, just not beyond. Those students who are supported as GSRs for the full year may defer their TAship to another year, but would still have to complete their 4 required TAships before the end of their 5th year.

Years 6-8: Available support (via departmental course TA or other employment)

Grads in their 6th – 8th years are not considered supported by the department, meaning they will not receive departmental stipend. They receive their support from available course TA and GSR appointments. While there are often TA appointments available within the department, these cannot be guaranteed. Priority for available TAships is given to grads earlier in their schooling. Please note that there is an 18-quarter instructional limit that applies to TAships, Associate (in lieu of TA) positions, and Associate In (teaching a class) positions. After this limit has been exhausted, graduate students can no longer serve in these capacities, and instead may be supported through available GSR appointments, as readers, or through external fellowships.

Available earnings for Summer:

  • Summer Session course TA appointment: $3,223 (5 weeks at 50%).
  • Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) appointment: $5,223 per month (100%).

NOTE: The department admits students with the intention to provide support for five years of graduate study. As yet, we have always been able to meet our intended support level. We will continue to do our best to ensure full support for our graduate students, however, it is important to note that this level of support cannot be guaranteed. Further, the support package outlined above is the model implemented for the current year, but the source and method of funding is subject to change.