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Career Preparation: Forensic Psychology

Forensic Psychologists provide expert witness testimony in court cases, consulting for law enforcement organizations, and/or evaluation and treatment for the criminally insane. They may be called upon to explain psychological processes during a trial, advise about sentencing, or simply to provide a psychological background to help law enforcement professionals to better understand their suspects. Students interested in Forensic Psychology will go on, after graduating from UC San Diego, to graduate study in Forensic Psychology or a related field.

During their time as an Undergraduate, students interested in Forensic Psychology may choose any of our degree tracks. However, we suggest either a Bachelor of Science with a Specialization in Clinical Psychology or a Bachelor of Science with a Specialization in Social Psychology, to best prepare you for your future career. You may also be interested in a double major or minor in Sociology or Law & Society. The following courses may be of interest to you:

  • PSYC 100: Clinical Psychology
  • PSYC 104: Social Psychology
  • PSYC 123: Cognitive Control and Frontal Lobe Function
  • PSYC 124: Clinical Assessment and Treatment
  • PSYC 125: Clinical Neuropsychology
  • PSYC 137: Social Cognition
  • PSYC 141: Evolution and Human Nature
  • PSYC 144: Memory and Amnesia
  • PSYC 148: Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making
  • PSYC 152: Conceptions of Intelligence
  • PSYC 153: Psychology of Emotion
  • PSYC 162: Psychology and the Law
  • PSYC 164: Criminology
  • PSYC 179: Drugs, Addiction, and Mental Disorders
  • PSYC 181: Drugs and Behavior
  • PSYC 188: Impulse Control Disorders

Students interested in the field of Forensic Psychology should contact the Career Center for further career advising.

For resources on the process of applying to graduate programs in psychology and related fields, please visit our applying to graduate programs section.