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Career Preparation: Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Industrial/Organizational Psychologists study human behavior in the workplace and advise organizations about employee performance, satisfaction, safety, health and well-being. Students interested in Industrial/Organizational Psychology will go on, after graduating from UC San Diego, to graduate study in Industrial/Organizational Psychology or a related field. Students interested in Business Management, Human Factors, Marketing, or Public Relations may also benefit from studying Industrial/Organizational Psychology and related fields.

During their time as an Undergraduate, students interested in Industrial/Organizational Psychology may choose any of our degree tracks. However, we suggest a Bachelor of Science in Business Psychology prepares you best for your future career. You may also be interested in a double major or minor in Sociology, Communication, International Business, Real Estate and Development, or Business. You may also consider pursuing one of the Business and Leadership certificates through UC San Diego Extended Studies concurrent with your undergraduate program. The following courses may be of interest to you:

  • PSYC 104: Social Psychology
  • PSYC 105: Cognitive Psychology
  • PSYC 137: Social Cognition
  • PSYC 143: Control and Analysis of Human Behavior
  • PSYC 147: Gender
  • PSYC 148: Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making
  • PSYC 151: Tests and Measurement
  • PSYC 152: Conceptions of Intelligence
  • PSYC 153: Psychology of Emotion
  • PSYC 157: Happiness
  • PSYC 158: Interpersonal Relationships
  • PSYC 161: Engineering Psychology
  • PSYC 176: Creativity
  • PSYC 178: Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Students interested in the field of Industrial/Organizational Psychology should contact the Career Center for further career advising.

For resources on applying to graduate programs in psychology and related fields, please visit our applying to graduate programs section.