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Petitioning Courses and Course Pre-Approval

Please upload your course petitions/pre-approvals and other forms to our Petition submission formPetitions and pre-approvals take 3-4 weeks for review. You will be informed of the decision via Virtual Advising Center.

**Please refrain from submitting the same petition request multiple times. Submitting as such will not expedite the review process. We process these requests in the order we receive them, as timely as we can. If you are concerned that your original submission did not go through, please send us a message on the Virtual Advising Center (VAC) and our team can confirm the submission.**


You may wish to take courses outside of the University for a variety of reasons. You must complete the majority of your upper-division (UD) requirements at UC San Diego, but it is possible to transfer both upper- and lower-division requirements from another two-year or four-year institution. A syllabus is required for each course, as is a separate petition form. Courses from departments outside Psychology must be petitioned with their corresponding department (for example, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, Philosophy, or Computer Science).

To pre-approve courses before taking them elsewhere (required for students going abroad or taking courses not listed on

  • Obtain a copy of a past syllabus for the course you wish to take (typically from the professor or department at the institution where you plan to take courses).
  • Download a copy of the Psychology Pre-Approval form.
  • Fill out your name, PID, and other identifying information.
  • Check that all required elements are included in your syllabus.
  • Attach the syllabus to the form and submit it.
  • Submit a separate pre-approval for each course.

To fill out the Petition form for a Psychology or Statistics course:

  • Confirm that your course is showing on your TritonLink Academic History.
  • Download a copy of the Undergraduate Student Petition form, found on TritonLink.
  • Check "Departmental Exception."
  • Fill out your name, PID, and other identifying information.
  • Leave blank the "UCSD Course" section.
  • Under "Request," indicate the course name and number, institution, and type of requirement that you wish to fulfill using this course.
  • Sign and date your petition form.
  • Attach a copy of the course syllabus (not a course description).
  • Submit a separate petition form for each course.

All course syllabi must include the following in order for the course to be evaluated:;

  • Required Readings/textbooks used
  • Weekly topics to be covered/discussed in course
  • Evaluation criteria for course (i.e. exams, papers, projects)