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Information for Outside of Department Faculty


PSYC 99/199 offers students the opportunity to participate in independent/individual research for academic credit with, and under the direction of, a UC San Diego faculty member. 

If you are a faculty member through UC San Diego Health (i.e. Department of Psychiatry) and are interested in serving as a PSYC 199 faculty mentor for an undergraduate psychology major student, please see the information below. 

Note: If you are faculty member in an academic department (i.e. Biology, Cognitive Science) then you should reach out to your home department to inquire about their 199 approval process. Students should enroll in your home department's 199 course, not PSYC 199. 


  • Must have an active undergraduate teaching appointment
  • Must have research, teaching, or service relationship to the psychology department
  • Must be able to mentor the undergraduate psychology student for 6 or 12 hours a week


1. Fill out the PSYC 199 Faculty mentor request form prior to the start of the quarter.
Tip: Download the form and edit it with Adobe Acrobat.
2. Send the completed form to for review.
*Mentor request forms take 1-2 weeks to be reviewed. You will be notified about your status through email. 


  • Mentor the undergraduate psychology student in your research lab 
  • Assure that the student receives proper lab training 
  • Assign duties and responsibilities to the student that accumulate to 6 or 12 hours per week 
  • Provide a final evaluation and issue the student a final grade (P/NP) at the end of the quarter
  • Provide oversight on the completion and final approval of their B.S. research paper (only applicable to students who complete 8 units of PSYC 199)


  • In order for a student to earn 2-units a student must work 6 hours a week in your lab. 
  • In order for a student to earn 4-units a student must work 12 hours a week in your lab.