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OSD Exam Accommodations

Psychology Department Standard Practices 

The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) promotes and facilitates educational access for students with disabilities. Each year they serve about 1,000 students with various permanent or temporary documented disabilities. Students registered with OSD may be eligible for accommodations for course exams (midterms, quizzes, final exams). The department adheres to Academic Senate policy to make accommodations.

Students must schedule their psychology course exams with the Psychology Undergraduate Advising Office to receive their OSD psychology exam accommodations. If the student decides to take the exam in class, the psychology course instructional team is not expected to provide any OSD exam accommodations. No OSD exam accommodations can be implemented retroactively or without the AFA letter

Once approved for accommodations from central OSD, their office will email your AFA letter to the course instructor, the PUAO, with you included. After reviewing psychology departmental procedures and policies, students must submit an online Google exam request form for each enrolled psychology course. Our office requires a minimum of 5 business days to process psychology OSD exam accommodation requests. If students delay in meeting with the central OSD office to obtain their quarterly exam accommodations, our testing space may be full and no longer available. 

Online Exam Request form

For more information, please review the Psychology Department OSD Procedures. If you would like to speak with a psychology undergraduate advisor to further discuss the psychology OSD exam accommodation process, please visit us during our advising hours. If you decide to review the Psychology Department OSD information on your own, you are responsible for knowing, understanding, and following all the outlined policies and procedures as listed on our website.


If you are requesting a rescheduled exam (not OSD exam accommodations), please work with your course instructor. The Psychology Student Affairs Office does not handle rescheduled exam requests.

Student Affairs

Undergraduate Advising:
Elly Vogt, Departmental OSD Liaison

Graduate Coordinator:
Janice Feng

Student Affairs Manager:
Samantha Llanos

Student Services Office:
1533 Mandler Hall
Phone: 858.534.3001
Fax: 858.534.2324

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