OSD Exam Accommodations

Psychology Department

The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) promotes and facilitates educational access for students with disabilities. Each year they serve about 650 students with various permanent or temporary documented disabilities. Students registered with OSD may be eligible for accommodations for course exams (midterms, quizzes, final exams). The department adheres to Academic Senate policy to make accommodations.

Students must schedule their psychology course exams with the Psychology Student Affairs Office to receive their OSD exam accommodations. If the student decides to take the exam in class, the psychology course teaching team is not expected to provide any OSD exam accommodations. 

Students are asked to bring their AFA letter(s) for all psychology courses as soon as they receive them from OSD at the start of each quarter (by Friday of Week 2). After reviewing psychology departmental procedures and policies with an advisor, students must submit an online Google exam request form for each enrolled psychology course. Our office requires a minimum of five business days to process psychology exam requests. If students delay in submitting their AFA letters to our office, our testing space may be full and no longer available. 

Online exam request form link: https://goo.gl/9qRukc 

For more information, please review the Psychology Department OSD Procedures.


If you are requesting a rescheduled exam (not OSD accommodations), please work with your class instructor for permission and they will notify the Psychology Student Affairs Office.