Building Maintenance Request

Contact departmental facility staff for help with office and lab maintenance problems. Room temperature adjustments, plumbing problems, light bulb replacements, vent cleaning, lock and key problems, trash pickups; replacement of ceiling tiles, sticking or slamming doors: send an e-mail describing the problem and the room number(s) where it is located.  Notify staff of any problems you see in the McGill and Mandler public, common spaces. 

For urgent requests when departmental staff are unavailable: call the Facilities Management Customer Relations help desk, (858) 534-2930.

For minor facilities request, you may contact Biology Shop: Repair and Construction Services. They can assist with non-electrical, plumbing, or mechanical infrastructure needs. They charge $68/hour (as of 12/17). Please email them at for an estimate. 

Instructions for operating your room's thermostat.