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Visitor Parking

Parking on campus is by permit only, and there are many types of permits available. The University also provides alternative transportation choices.

For your convenience, a list of parking pass options available to members of the Psychology Department has been provided below. For questions regarding obtaining one of these specific passes, please contact the Psychology Administration Office Front Desk at 858-534-4605 or email John Fitzgerald at

For the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding further parking options or alternative transportation, please visit the UCSD Parking & Transportation website.

Parking pass options available for visitors to the Psychology Department include:

Psychology Reserved Spaces

Reserved Space Calendar

The Psychology Department has 2 parking spaces in Scholars Parking Structure, which is across the street from McGill/Mandler (see UCSD Map). Enter from the south end of the garage on Muir Lane and once inside, go right. The two spots (#946 and #947) are immediately on the left.

A departmental permit is required to park in these spaces. Unauthorized vehicles parked in these spots will be ticketed by UCSD Parking & Transportation.

These are available for the following visitors to the department at no charge:

  • non-affiliated research subjects
  • guest speakers in brown bags, seminars, or colloquia
  • guest lecturers
  • job candidates

Note that per campus policy, UCSD affiliates of any kind — students, faculty, staff, official volunteers, etc. — may NOT use the parking spots at any time for any reason.

Users of these 2 spaces must reserve them in advance online and, for non-subject visitors, must check out a permit from the front desk. Labs with human subjects are issued a separate quarterly permit for use with their human subjects. Note that when a lab intends to provide its Human Subject parking permit to a subject, a departmental reserved space must still be reserved online prior to use to prevent overbooking. For reservations, please see the Reserved Space Calendar.

In the event that none of our 2 spots are available on the department calendar, users will need to arrange for alternative parking. It is thus recommended that labs with heavier visitor parking needs purchase a backup permits from the options below.

1-Day Permits

1-Day "A" Parking permits for A, B, S, and D parking spaces in all lots, including Scholars Parking Garage, can be obtained from the Psychology Administration Office Front Desk for use by the following visitors:

  • research subjects
  • department guests
  • vendors
  • exceptions must be approved by the Psychology Department MSO

For questions regarding these permits, please email Hana Haddad at


New Employee Permits

New employees are eligible for a one-time permit valid for 15 days of complimentary parking. These permits are valid for up to 15 days after the employee's start date. Free 15-day virtual parking permits can be obtained at the UCSD Parking Portal (note: business systems SSO and vehicle information required).