Thermostat Instructions

Setpoint Control - 6am to 8pm

The wireless pneumatic thermostats are set by default to maintain 70 – 74˚F, per UCSD’s campus standard. This is referred to as a 4˚F temperature deadband. If the temperature is above 74˚F, the thermostat will attempt to bring the room temperature down to 74˚F, and if the temperature is below 70˚F, it will attempt to bring the temperature up to 70˚F. If the temperature is between 70 – 74˚F, the thermostat output will be neutral.

The user may adjust the 4˚F deadband up or down by 1˚F. To adjust the deadband up to 71 - 75˚F, press the top button (of three) on the thermostat. As the user adjusts the temperature up, the thermostat will display the upper limit and then blink between the lower and upper limits. For example, if the user presses the top button four times, the display will blink 78˚F, 74˚F, 78˚F, 74˚F, etc. This means that the temperature deadband is now 74 - 78˚F, but keep in mind that the deadband is limited remotely to 71 - 75˚F. The user may also adjust the temperature deadband down to 69 - 73˚F on the lower end.

If an alternate temperature deadband is desired, please contact the Facilities Management help desk at (858) 534-2930 because this will need to be adjusted remotely at the campus building automation system.

Afterhours Override - 8pm to 6am

As part of UCSD’s efforts to conserve energy, the main air handlers serving McGill Hall and Mandler Hall will shut down at night from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am. During that time, if the average room temperature for any given air handler falls below 66˚F or above 80˚F, the air handler will turn back on to maintain the night setback range of 66 - 80˚F. It is also worth noting that the air handlers serving the basements of both McGill Hall and Mandler Hall require ventilation 24/7 even if they are unoccupied, and consequently these air handlers will remain on at all times.

If a building user occupies any portion of the building afterhours, the center button on the thermostat may be pressed to turn the air handler back on for a period of one hour. Immediately press the top/up button up once for each hour you'd like turn the air handlers on. For example, if you will be in the office from 8pm to 11pm, push the central button once and the top/up button 3 times. A clock should appear in the lower right corner of the LED screen. To cancel the override for any reason push the central button again. You'll notice that the clock image dissappears. (Please keep in mind that each thermostat sends a burst communication to the building automation system every 15 minutes, and the air handler will not recognize that the space is occupied until the next communication. It may take up to 15 minutes for the air handler to turn back on.)