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Spring Evaluation

All students must be evaluated at the end of the academic year with a Spring Evaluation completed by their faculty advisor. Ideally, the student and his or her advisor should meet to discuss the student's progress throughout the past year. For students who have advanced to candidacy, at least three members of the committee total should also review and sign the spring evaluation. The process is completed online, with students having the opportunity to comment on and sign the evaluation before it is routed to the Graduate Division. Students will not be eligible to register for classes the following year until their evaluations have been completed and submitted to the Graduate Division. In addition, each student’s progress will be evaluated at or before the annual spring faculty meeting.

Evaluation Exceptions

If a graduate student advances to candidacy in Winter or Spring, the Graduate Division does not require their advisor to perform/submit an evaluation for that grad that year. However, the department of Psychology strongly recommends that the advisor do so for a complete and thorough record of graduate student progress throughout the program. If a graduate student is on an approved leave of absence in Spring, he or she will only be required to have a yearly evaluation upon return from leave.