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Co-Curricular Record Certification in Career Development in Psychology

CCR Certification in Exploring Psychology Careers

The Psychology Department is thrilled to announce a Co-Curricular Record Certification in Career Development in Psychology.  This opportunity allows students to explore a variety of career-related topics through participation in our various activities.  This certification will appear on a student's Co-Curricular Record, which students can choose to send along to companies or graduate schoools, along with their transcript.

To earn this certification, students must complete the following tasks:

  • Register online for the CCR Certification in Career Development in Psychology
  • Participate in 5 psychology career-related workshops throughout the year
  • Participate in the Careers in Mind symposium
  • Plan for and participate in an informational interview with someone in a psychology-related career
  • Write a 2-page reflection paper, submitted to the Psychology Advising Office for verification

What is CCR Certification?

The Co-Curricular Record, or the CCR, is an official document sent with your transcript which hilights your involvement in activities outside the classroom.  Activities included on the CCR must meet specific guidelines set forth by the university and CCR-certified students demonstrate their mastery of a set of core competencies valuable to future pursuits. 

For more information about the CCR and the certification process, please see the CCR website.

CCR-Certified Workshops

Attend 5 or more CCR-Certified Psychology Career Related workshops (from our list) and record your attendance with the Psychology Advising staff or the Psi Chi officers. CCR-Certified workshops include:

  • Psychology Department sponsored workshops
  • Alumni 101 workshops
    • October 28, 2020- Networking During a Pandemic: A Critical Skill for Your Career Search
    • November 19, 2020 - Alternative Careers for Psychology Majors
  • Career-related Psi Chi workshops
    • Fall 2020, Winter 2021, Spring 2021
      • TBD

Careers in Mind

In order to earn a CCR Certification in Career Development in Psychology, all students should plan to participate in Careers in Mind.  During Spring 2020, we will be offering Careers in Mind in a self-paced online format throughout the month of May.  To find out more information, please visit our Careers in Mind page.

Informational Interviewing

As part of the CCR Certification in Career Development in Psychology, all students are required to participate in an informational interview with someone in a field of their interest.

Informational Interviewing Tips and Tricks:

  • DO approach potential interviewees politely and explain what you want from the interview.
  • DON'T expect that every potential interviewee will have availability or interest in participating in the informational interview.
  • DO your research about your interviewee, how to pronounce their name, and where they work.
  • DON'T forget that they are busy working professionals.
  • DO prepare some questions for your interviewee about their experience, their day-to-day job responsibilities, their schooling, their recommendations for a portfolio, etc.
  • DON'T expect that you'll come up with questions in the moment.
  • DO confirm your meeting time and location a few days in advance.
  • DON'T let your interviewee wonder whether you're going to show up, since they haven't heard from you since your initial e-mail.
  • DO dress professionally for your meeting.
  • DON'T show up late for the meeting.
  • DO respect your interviewee's time.
  • DON'T forget to thank them for meeting with you.

It is recommended that you consider scheduling to meet for an informational interview in person, but you may wish to consider the use of the Alumni Advisor Network.

Reflection Paper

To complete your CCR Certification in Career Development in Psychology, you are asked to write a two-page reflection paper about your experience.  At least one page should focus on the informational interview that you participated in, and include the name of the interviewee and the date of the interview. 

This paper will be turned in to the Psychology Advising Office using the Google Classroom platform by Thursday of 10th week of Spring quarter.  See our Careers in Mind page to register for our Google Classroom.