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Careers in Mind


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Careers in Mind 2021 - May 2021

Careers in Mind is a virtual symposium where we host Psychology career-related panels in the month of May. We invite Psychology Alumni and community members to speak about their career paths. This event is free to UC San Diego students!

This year’s theme is Embracing Intersectionality and Identities. As we embrace aspects of who we are, we look for ways to incorporate those experiences and identities into our work, interests and careers. Through this year's CiM, we hope to share a variety of experiences including First-Generation professionals and Black, Indigenous, & People of Color professionals in the field of Psychology.

Please join us in the Month of May to listen to the empowering stories from our UCSD Psychology alumni and community members. 

Sessions require separate Zoom registration. Please click on the links below to register.

Schedule of Events

Careers in Mind Opening Speaker: Dr. E. Nathaniel Chapman 

  • I am Who I am: The Journey of a Black Psychologist
    • Dr. E. Nathaniel Chapman will share chapters of personal and professional life and how they have shaped his perspective as a clinical psychologist and educator. 
    • Date: Monday, May 3rd @12:00pm PST


  • Navigating Your Career as a First-Generation Professional in Psychology
    • Featuring the voices and experiences of First-Generation professionals in Psychology
    • Date: Tuesday, May 4th @ 4:00pm PST 
      • Janette Williams- Program Faculty 
        • Email:
      • Urmi Patel- Director, Clinical Care
      • Yuliana Gallegos Rodriguez- Local Recovery Coordinator/ Clinical Psychologist/ Assistant Clinical Professor
        • Email:
      • Mindy Tran- Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
        • Email:
      • Cory Rieth- Deputy Business Area Director
        • Email:
  • Counseling Psychology Professionals Panel
    • Featuring UCSD Psychology alumni and community members with a Counseling background, working directly with patients
    • Date: Friday, May 7th @ 2:30pm PST

Alumni Participation

If you are a UC San Diego Psychology alum interested in sharing your expertise with our students, please contact us at to discuss participating in this year's event!

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