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Hey Psych Students!

In an effort to create community and foster connection, professors are now hosting “Hang out with a Professor” get togethers ….. just to hang.  This is a great way to meet other psychology students too!  Come to chat, talk about life, share ideas/experiences, play games, and get to know the community.

So, feel free to jump onto any of the hourly meetings from the list below. (You do not need to be currently taking a class with any of them)


  • Janna Dickenson

    Janna Dickenson

    Mondays, 5 pm (excluding University Holidays and Finals Week)

    I am a clinical psychologist with a specialty in gender and sexuality. Join my virtual space to discuss clinical psychology, human sexuality, or student life. 

  • Celeste Pilegard

    Celeste Pilegard

    Tuesdays, 5 pm

    I teach courses in cognitive psychology, educational psychology, and research methods. Bring your thoughts about what works during online learning, how psychology applies to education, and navigating your interests in college. 

  • Gail Heyman

    Gail Heyman

    Tuesdays, 7 pm

    I am a developmental psychologist with broad interests. I enjoy talking with students about their experiences and figuring out their next steps. Come and talk about what’s on your mind.

  • Judy Fan

    Wednesdays, 9 am

    My lab does research on how we use physical media to think and learn. The classes I teach focus on equipping students to work with data and think about what they mean. I care deeply about empowering students from all backgrounds to gain computational literacy and participate in shaping the future of the social sciences, technology, and policy. Come and hang out to talk about how to teach yourself new things, getting involved in research, applying to grad school, and/or exploring your interests outside of the classroom. 

  • Caren Walker

    Caren Walker

    Wednesdays, 8 pm (monthly on April 7, May 5, and June 2)

    I study cognitive development, and I am particularly interested in the mechanisms underlying children's early learning and reasoning. I teach Developmental Psychology and the Science of Imagination, and run the Early Learning & Cognition Lab. Come chat with me!

  • Emma Geller

    Wednesdays, 8 pm

    I teach lots of research methods and statistics courses (PSYC 70, 71, 111AB) as well as cognitive psychology (PSYC 105), and my research focuses on how to use cognitive psychology to improve teaching and learning. I'm happy to chat about psychology or just how life is going! (Also, always open to recommendations for and discussions of anime!)

  • Vic Ferreira

    Vic Ferreira

    Thursdays, 4 pm (canceled until Spring quarter due to family commitments)

    I'm a cognitive psychologist who studies language and communication, and teaches Introduction to Psychology. I'm also the faculty advisor to Psi Chi and the Psychology Club.  Happy to talk about anything!

  • Karen Dobkins

    Thursdays, 7 pm

    I teach classes (Psych 88: Learning Sustainable Well-Being), and do research, on Mindfulness and Well-Being, so let’s hang out and talk about the "human condition" and how to deal with anxiety, depression and loneliness.

  • Ed Vul

    Thursdays, 9 pm

    I work on human cognition and try to make computer models that emulate human behavior.