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Minor Program

Minimum Criteria:

  • The minor in psychology consists of 7 (4 unit) Psychology courses numbered Psyc 1 - Psyc 193.
  • A minimum of 5 courses (20 units) must be upper-division.
  • At least four upper-division courses must to be taken at UCSD for a letter grade.
  • If Psychology 60 (Statistics) is chosen as one of the lower-division courses, it must be taken for a letter grade.
  • The following courses may each count for one (P/NP) class toward your minor requirements: Psychology 195 (Instructional Apprentice), Psychology 199 (Independent Study), AIP 197 (in Psychology, by petition only; see our Academic Internships in Psychology page for details).
  • A grade-point average (GPA) of at least a 2.0 in your minor is required for graduation.

Select a course distribution from the three options below:

  • 2 lower-division, 5 upper-division psychology courses
  • 1 lower-division, 6 upper-division psychology courses
  • 7 upper-division psychology courses

Guidelines for Minor Application:

To declare or change your minor, use the online minor tool on Tritonlink. You are not required to finish your minor as declared; you are only demonstrating your basic knowledge of minor requirements and will not be held to the classes listed. When completing the minor application, be sure to list exactly 7 courses (and only 7) or else your application will be denied.

When listing courses on the application, list course numbers for courses you have already taken or are enrolled in. For courses you have not yet completed/are not yet enrolled in, see below.

Lower-division courses not yet completed, list as follows:

  • Subject code: PSYC, Course No: LD, Title: Psychology Elective, Institution: UCSD, Units: 4.00

Upper-division courses not yet completed, list as follows:

  • Subject code: PSYC, Course No: UD, Title: Psychology Elective, Institution: UCSD, Units: 4.00

If you are completing 7 UD courses list as follows in one lower division slot:

  • Subject code: PSYC, Course No: N/A, Title: Not Using LD Courses, Institution: UCSD, Units: 4.00

If you have taken a course outside of UC San Diego:

  • Submit your minor application as though you do not have classes from other institutions. Submit your course petition to the department ASAP. Keep in mind that if you submit a minor application listing a class taken elsewhere and have not yet petitioned it, your application will be denied.

The following images are examples of potential Psych Minor applications. Your application may look different.

Example: Psych Minor using 2 LD / 5UD courses

Example of Psych Minor using 2LD / 5UD Courses

Example: Psych Minor using 1 LD / 6UD courses

Example of Psych Minor using 1LD / 6UD Courses

Example: Psych Minor using 7UD courses

Example of Psych Minor using 7 UD courses

Processing time for minor applications is 7-14 business days from the date you submit your application.

Applicants will be notified of any errors through the Virtual Advising Center. All students can check their status on TritonLink under major/minor tool.

A complete list of courses is located on the courses page.