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Academic Internships

In partnership with the Academic Internship Program, students can apply one-quarter of Psychology-related Academic Internship (AIP 197) credit toward their upper-division (UD) Psychology Elective credit for any of the majors in our department. Remember that AIP 197 may only be taken P/NP. The Psychology Department must approve internships in advance.

How to request to use AIP 197 toward your Psychology Major requirements

Course Pre-Approval Process

  1. Locate an opportunity through the AIP portal, then create a Learning Contract with an AIP advisor and internship supervisor.
  2. Find a Psychology faculty member to be your advisor.
  3. After completing #1 and #2, submit it for course pre-approval through the Psychology Department online petition portal. You must include:
    1. Write-up about the company and internship
    2. Summary of daily tasks and responsibilities
    3. Work schedule 
    4. Share how you see this internship helping you with your future plans
    5. Note that you will be completing a final paper as your capstone project. A final paper is required to use the course toward the Psychology Major (slideshow, presentation, etc. are not accepted)
    6. Your faculty mentor must sign the pre-approval form

Note: Students must have their AIP 197 pre-approved through the Psychology Department if they would like to use the course toward their Major requirements. 

Course Approval Process

Once you have received a final grade in AIP 197, you must submit a formal petition to the Psychology Department through the online petition portal for a final review with our Department.
  1. You must submit a copy of your required AIP final paper. 
  2. If your AIP paper does not cover the following items, you must add this information to the paper before submitting it to the Psychology Department.
    • How does the internship relate to the field of psychology
    • How are you connecting what you learn in the internship to supplement your psychology courses at UCSD
    • Key finding(s)
    • Describe in your own words the logic of what you did and why using related research studies and journal articles (cite your sources) 
      • All of these questions should contain different information and be in the academic writing style
  3. If a faculty member reviews and approves, you can apply your AIP 197 toward one upper-division (UD) Psychology Elective for your Psychology major (course/internship must have been pre-approved through the Psych Dept.). Remember that you may only use one four-unit AIP 197 course toward your major requirements.


For more information about Curricular Practical Training (CPT), you should contact the International Students & Programs Office (ISPO), as the CPT requirement is not in our degree area of oversight. If you have questions about CPT, please email or join their Zoom Advising.