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Academic Internships

In partnership with the Academic Internship Program, students are able to apply one quarter of Psychology-related Academic Internship (AIP 197) credit toward their upper-division (UD) Psychology Elective credit for any of the majors in our department. Remember that AIP 197 may only be taken P/NP. Internships must be approved by the Department in advance.

Steps to using an AIP 197 toward your Psychology requirements

  1. Apply to AIP.
  2. Select an internship.
  3. Find a Psychology faculty member to be your advisor (if you have problems finding a faculty member, contact the Psychology Advising Office).
  4. Submit to the Psychology Advising Office a half-page proposal including a summary of tasks you’ll be completing as part of your internship and what you hope to gain from the experience. Include your full name, your intended major, and your PID. The form must be signed by your psychology faculty advisor. Please submit your proposal using the forms and petitions link while our advisors are working remotely. You can select the "Other" option on the form, type in "AIP 197" and upload your supporting documents.
  5. The review process may take up to three weeks and you will hear from us in the Virtual Advising Center.
  6. If there are substantial changes during the process, you will need to resubmit your proposal.
  7. After your grade has been posted for AIP 197, you will need to turn in a copy of your required AIP paper to the Psychology Advising Office for review. If your paper demonstrates the outcomes outlined in your proposal, you will be able to apply your AIP 197 toward one upper-division (UD) Psychology Elective for your Psychology major. Keep in mind that you may only use one four-unit AIP 197 course toward your major requirements.