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2022-2023 Psychology Department
New Student Orientation

Welcome to the Psychology Department!  This year's Orientation session will be self-paced and available online, via Canvas.  It consists of several modules (videos with closed captions).  Links are provided at the bottom of each module to help direct you to where you need to be.  We strongly encourage you to pay close attention to each module and watch it in its entirety, as there is a lot of important information included. Additional modules are unlocked as you finish each module.

The entire Orientation should take between 30 and 45 minutes. 

Please follow the links below to select the appropriate Orientation session for you (do not register for both, as most of the information is exactly the same).  You will be prompted to sign in using your Single Sign On account (the same one you use to access the New Triton Advising site, or your campus e-mail).

Please use the New Triton Advising site if you have additional questions.