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  • Who we are:
    • We are a group of graduate students aiming to increase student interest in experimental psychology through interactive talks, panels, activities, and workshops.
  • The kinds of outreach events that we hold:
    • Psychology Day: A campus visit with lab tours and a presentation delivered by one of our own professors
    • Pathways to PhDs: An annual panel with current graduate students that discuss how to prepare and apply for graduate school
    • Outreach Presentations: A presentation that overviews the Experimental Psychology PhD program and a specific area of research (e.g., Cognitive, Developmental, Social, Cognitive/Behavioral Neuroscience) for local high school students serving underrepresented student populations
  • A typical classroom visit (Type 1/2/3):
    • We typically have two graduate volunteers per visit (i.e., one presents while the other helps host and monitor the chat for questions, or where both present)
    • 35 min presentation + 10 min discussion (but we are flexible!)
    • Following our visit, surveys are sent to teachers and students for feedback 
    • Format:
      • Fall & Winter: Zoom / hybrid / in-classroom
      • Spring: In-person (Psychology Day)
  • For interested teachers & students (classroom visits):
    • Please email us at and let us know your class time, your class topic and size, and whether additional permission from the school would be required. 
    • After the first email exchange, we will send a short Google form to get more information about the visit. 
  • For interested graduate student volunteers:

2022/2023 Events

  • Fall 2022
    • Outreach Presentations: 
      • 10/__  - Kearny School of Biomedical Science and Technology
      • 12/7 - Sweetwater Union High School
    • Diversifying Psychology Event: 10/27 & 10/28 (Zoom)
  • Winter 2023
    • Outreach Presentations (TBD)
    • Pathways to PhD Event: 02/23 (Zoom)

Our Team

Outreach Coordinators

Mohan Gupta
Mohan Gupta
  • Year: 4th-year graduate student
  • Department: Psychology
  • Current Lab: Timothy Rickard
  • Research Interests: What are the best ways to learn, why those are the best ways, and I try to use math to predict what people will learn in both declarative learning (e.g. what is the powerhouse of the cell?) and motor learning (e.g. piano learning).
  • About me: In my free time I like to make music, play AoE4, work on my startup, go backpacking, and see live comedy and music!


Jinah Kim

  • Year: 3rd year graduate student
  • Current Lab: Molecular Cognition (Stephan Anagnostaras)
  • Research Interests: Learning and memory (e.g. fear learning), rodent models of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and how drugs (e.g. psychedelics) affect psychological processes
  • Other interests: roller skating, karaoke, anime, & hanging out with my dog!


Outreach Representatives


Pria Daniel

  • Year: 4th year graduate student
  • Current Labs: Kiyonaga Lab (UC San Diego Cognitive Science), Little Lab (UC San Francisco Neurology), Aron Lab (UC San Diego Psychology) 
  • Research interests: Roles of cortical and subcortical neural oscillations in cognitive flexibility and cognitive deficits in Parkinson's disease 
  • Other interests: eating, playing tennis, swimming, exploring San Diego, and playing Scrabble! 



Debra Lindsay

  • Year: 5th year graduate student
  • Current Lab: HEALab (Karen Dobkins)
  • Research interests: People’s individual connection to non-human nature and how this predicts pro-environmental attitudes and behaviors.
  • Other interests: Sewing (especially costuming), table-top role play, hiking, gardening, & generally making things with my hands 



Megan Mulhinch

  • Year: 2nd year graduate student
  • Current Lab: Michael McCullough
  • Research interests: How people make decisions about when to work together, help those in need, and choose people to spend our time with. Evolutionary social psychology.
  • About me: You can probably find me on a run or riding my bike around San Diego!



Inez Zung

  • Year: 2nd-year graduate student
  • Current Labs: LIME Lab (Emma Geller) & CCNL (Timothy Rickard)
  • Research Interests: What are the conditions that help people learn best in the classroom and from digital media? How do people monitor and control their own learning?
  • Other Interests: baking, drawing, reading, and getting absorbed in cute dog videos (: