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Reserved Visitor Parking - 946

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A reservation and permit is required to park in this space. Two additional spots are expected to become available in summer 2021.

Per campus policy, UCSD affiliates of any kind — students, faculty, staff, official volunteers, etc. — may NOT use these parking spots at any time or for any reason.

Unauthorized vehicles parked in these spots will be ticketed by UCSD Parking & Transportation.

Reserved Parking Process

  1. Check the parking calendar below for availability. Since there is only 1 parking space available, only 1 reservation can be made during any given time slot. Do not reserve a spot when a reservation already exists for the time you need.
  2. Set up an event in your own online calendar (Google, Mac iCalendar, Microsoft Outlook, etc). Include the following event information:
    • lab/course name
    • visitor name (initials or participant ID numbers are sufficient for subjects)
    • purpose: subject, speaker, visitor
  3. Add as a guest or invitee for the new event in your online calendar. This will add your event to the departmental parking calendar.
  4. Confirm that your reservation is reflected in the departmental calendar. You may need to refresh the department calendar for your event to appear.
  5. For non-subject visitors, pick up permit from the front desk 15 minutes prior to your event. (For human subjects, use your lab Human Subject permit instead.).
  6. Return the permit within 15 minutes following event. If the front office is closed, slide the permit under the front door or return it by 8 am the next morning.