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Transfer Advising

All incoming transfer students will receive advising in the New Triton Advising site. 


Are you an incoming FA23 Psychology Major Transfer student? If so, please review the message the Psychology Undergraduate Advising team sent to your New Triton Advising site. It explains how we will communicate with you this summer as you prepare to join our Psychology Community and FA23 enrollment.

Incoming FA23 transfer students who are already declared a Psychology Major will have the opportunity to meet with a Psychology Advisor from August 15 - August 31, 2023. Carefully review the information our department sent you in the New Triton Advising site for more details. The following must have been met to meet with a Psychology Advisor:

  1. You have completed all the Psychology Department orientation modules.
  2. Your transfer transcripts have been officially posted to your UCSD Academic History.
  3. A psychology advisor has already sent Fall 2023 course recommendations through the New Triton Advising site.


Due to the number of incoming already declared Psychology majors, our advising team will focus on these students during summer advising. If you are an incoming transfer non-Psych major, transfer student who would like to switch to a Psych major, or a 1st-year student, our office will not be able to meet with you until Week 3 of FA23. We apologize for the inconvenience. 


If you have any questions regarding General Education (GE) requirements, college or university requirements, or IGETC, please contact your College Advising team (ERC, Marshall, Muir, Revelle, Seventh, Sixth, Warren). Psychology Advisors are not trained on these topics, and your College Advising team is best equipped to assist you with these questions.