Education Abroad

Students are often able to participate in the UC Education Abroad Program (EAP) and UCSD’s Opportunties Abroad Programs (OAP) while still making progress toward the major. Interested students should contact the Study Abroad UC San Diego office, as well as the major or minor department. The Department of Psychology encourages students to participate in this program and are proud that our rates of study abroad are among the highest on campus.

Before you go abroad, the key to success is planning and pre-approval!

  • This is particularly important for students who have changed their major or have a double major or minor, as well as those who anticipate participating in the Psychology Department's Honors Program.  (Students wishing to enroll in the Psychology Honors Program should aim to study abroad before the winter quarter of their junior year.)  
  • Students considering studying abroad should discuss their plans with a psychology advisor in person or via the Virtual Advising Center before going abroad. Be sure to take your completed Academic Planning Form with you to your meeting.
  • Approximately four to six weeks before you leave for your program, you should turn in your course Pre-Approval form, with a syllabus from a previous iteration of the course, so that our faculty can review your request and you can be ready to enroll when you arrive at your institution abroad.

The department allows students to transfer no more than three Psychology classes toward the Psychology major or minor.

  • We suggest that students look for elective-level courses in research psychology subjects that may not be offered at UC San Diego, to gain the most from their experience abroad, and request course substitution credit.
  • If you wish to request course equivalency (for a core-level course, for example), the course needs to be at least 90% equivalent to our course. Course equivalency with core-level courses is rarely approved.
  • Any course used toward major or minor credit must be deemed UC-eligible and at least four units.
  • Any course used toward major requirements must transfer as Upper Division credit.

After your return to UC San Diego, your transcripts from abroad will be processed. While EAP transcripts should be processed by the University automatically, you may need to take action to facilitate this if you participate in a OAP program. Once your classes are showing properly on your Academic History, you must petition the Psychology Department to officially bring them into your Degree Audit.